Arch.Uth Postgraduate Course Postgraduate Course Postgraduate Course Postgraduate Course Arch.Uth Ελληνικά
List of Special Reseach Topics

Ref. Number Year Title Students Supervisors
870 2019 Blueprints of nature: When architecture is inspired by nature Symeonidou I
872 2019 CO[a]LONIALISM_resettlements on the map
Lykourioti I
886 2019 DELTA the boundary the interior and the exterior
Giannisi P
873 2019 Digital Workflow Symeonidou I
869 2019 faster higher stronger. searching for potential forms of the posthuman body through science fiction films Papadopoulos S
840 2019 The Practice of Eating Alone Gavrilou E
857 2019 HÍBRIDO: Hybrid urban wanderings Papadopoulos S
851 2019 HORTUS CONCLUSUS Stylidis I
887 2019 Immersion / Emersion by Sounds Remy N
879 2019 Is ornament actually a crime? | Architectural ornament from the perception of Adolf Loos.
Gavrilou E
877 2019 Life in Plastic: plastic as a recyclable and reusable material in architecture and industrial design. Psychoulis A
890 2019 Lighting design advisor tool
Tsangrassoulis A
893 2019 stop . enjoy | the study of comfort conditions within the outdoor urban space and furniture: designing a sustainable bus stop Tsangrassoulis A
875 2019 [Con]Τested Spaces: The contestation of collective memory and identity through the analysis of memorials. Psychoulis A
839 2019 [X] HABITANT living in extreme conditions Tsangrassoulis A
863 2019 Colonial city: a story of body and architecture Lykourioti I
859 2019 Architectural Visualizations from (flat) drawings to the (ultra) real Symeonidou I
862 2019 Architectural origin of tobacco buildings and significance for the urban fabric of Agrinio Adamakis K
850 2019 Architecture of Entertainment and Recreation Mitroulias G
880 2019 Architecture of the body: Laban's kinespheres Tzirtzilakis Y
861 2019 Industrial heritage & The wine making sector in Greece
Adamakis K
882 2019 Towards a Whatever Architecture Tzirtzilakis Y
843 2019 Claustra Concrete Blocks
Manolidis K
894 2019 Water management in the building environment Tsangrassoulis A
848 2019 A small house in Mesologi. Material Imagination or The Ruin Tzirtzilakis Y
852 2019 Evolving the rural environment in Phillipi: a complex and multi-level cultural landscape Manolidis K
871 2019 EXTRA. From Film to Multitude Lykourioti I
876 2019 Return to materiality. The use and the aesthetics of the brick. Examples in Modern Architecture. Manolidis K
849 2019 Ephemeral Architectural Structures for the Fashion Industry Symeonidou I
883 2019 ECHIDNAS OF THE PEDESTRIAN-STREET: the female strolling. Flâneuse Tzirtzilakis Y
874 2019 The genesis and evolution of vaulted and arched structures at Greek world during ancient times
Gounaris A
860 2019 The occupation around Pelion in the area of ancient Magnesia and the evolution of residence through time Gounaris A
865 2019 The knitting as archetype in the architectural construction: A study of the societies of the Sarakatsan and of the people of geometric period. Gounaris A
837 2019 Light pipes: An Overview of Commercial Systems and a Proposal for the Improvement of Efficiency through the Use of a Reflector
Tsangrassoulis A
841 2019 Coffee Drinking and Cup-ology: the Action and the Classification
Kotionis Z
866 2019 Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center [SNFCC] Gavrilou E
885 2019 BED + Gavrilou E
842 2019 Energy and Form: Optimization of the building form to minimize energy consumption Tsangrassoulis A
892 2019 New technologies and composite materials with application to the building envelope Tsangrassoulis A
855 2019 Youth and City - The case of Nicosia
Trova V
856 2019 Digital Craftsman: Thoughts on the imperfect tool of 3D Printing Papadopoulos S
836 2019 Look guide - a reading of Athens through its balconies Gavrilou E
867 2019 Optical Illusions. From the two-dimensional design into the sphere of three-dimensional Papakonstantinou G
847 2019 When architecture is in harmony with natural landscape: Evidence from the Perfecture of Karditsa. "Comparison between stone and earth adode traditional houses" Manolidis K
Philippitzis D
881 2019 Fortifications in Attica during the Classical and Hellenistic periods Gounaris A
878 2019 Learning environments – a research proposal in 3 parts Mitroulias G
853 2019 Politics of aesthetics - Social engagement and institutional incorporation on Greek contemporary art Lykourioti I
888 2019 Before oblivion: Tracing relic of the past in Pelion Manolidis K
864 2019 Human Flows inside \ outside borders Lykourioti I
854 2019 Aiming high Adamakis K
845 2019 Collages of verses of Joyce Mansour and Matsis Chatzilazarou Giannisi P
868 2019 Co-living regarding to the city: basic references of cohousing and slums Mitroulias G
846 2019 Social eating. Space in the experience of food consumption with Miss Foula's tsipouradiko as a case study Psychoulis A
884 2019 The construction toy and its relationship to architecture Paniyiris C
838 2019 The size of the window as a factor in adjusting the thermal comfort of a well-in-sulated building Tsangrassoulis A
858 2019 Water itineraries Papadopoulos S
844 2019 Hyloterritories | For a counter – forensic Architecture - searching for the archaeology of the present Tzirtzilakis Y
889 2019 Fear & Space. Views of an unbreakable relationship. Manolidis K
Bobos K
891 2019 Merchandise lighting in commercial stores: Technology and Techniques Tsangrassoulis A
783 2018 (let’s suppose) The syntax of objects Antonas A
792 2018 2 stories of social housing Mitroulias G
766 2018 Adaptive shading – Symbiont
Tsangrassoulis A
803 2018 corpus alienum· exploring the narrations of three «invisible» women
Tzirtzilakis Y
802 2018 Death Drive. Horror an Pleasure in J. G. Ballard’s Crash. Tzirtzilakis Y
797 2018 Dial H for Hitchcock: examining the spatial experience in cinema through the films of the master of suspense. Papadopoulos S
809 2018 EXT.TRA. SHADING SYSTEM Tsangrassoulis A
833 2018 Gentrification: the course of a global epistemology and an Athenian phenomenon. Lykourioti I
813 2018 Healthcare Lighting. Study of lighting systems in a hospital. Tsangrassoulis A
787 2018 Is this hybrid? Gavrilou E
805 2018 MEMORY | Mechanisms of Storing and Deleting Tzirtzilakis Y
796 2018 Nervous systems: Ecologies of the fashion show from the modern to the contemporary era. Introduction to the Guerrilla show. Gavrilou E
Psychoulis A
818 2018 Perspace: temporal space extracts Giannisi P
808 2018 SUBTERRANEA Stylidis I
828 2018 The Holy Lands, mapping the archipelago of utopia Gavrilou E
806 2018 The sacred spaces in the border of territories Kanarelis T
768 2018 Think Green, Recharge the City
Stylidis I
807 2018 Resilient practices in a period of climate change Tsangrassoulis A
785 2018 Evaluating squares in the urban space
Trova V
790 2018 From nomadism to displacement. Contemporary citizen issues Lykourioti I
782 2018 Restoration of Traditional Buildings. The Example of the Old Railway Station of Larisa. Philippitzis D
825 2018 Urban Morphology: Athens, Budapest, Rotterdam Gavrilou E
786 2018 Urban Screens. Α construction of look with the city in background Gavrilou E
798 2018 Intangible cities: the case of private and public space in science fiction films Papadopoulos S
819 2018 Optimization of house morphology to minimize energy demand using parametric and algorithmic tools Tsangrassoulis A
794 2018 Paniyiris C
771 2018 Public art. Urban space, public sphere and collective art practices in Greece Kotionis Z
Giannisi P
770 2018 Claiming (in) the city Manolidis K
791 2018 Virtual Heterotopias
Papakonstantinou G
778 2018 Manuals’ Manual: Visual Analysis for the normalization of genderfied bodies in the Guidance Manuals of modern societies Tzirtzilakis Y
804 2018 Performativity of clothing, fluid identities as means of conciliation Tzirtzilakis Y
775 2018 Intelligent environments of spatial production: from the vision to the realization Tsangrassoulis A
823 2018 Dressing the everyday Tzirtzilakis Y
831 2018 The effects of short term leasing on the transformation of the city. The case of Koukaki.
Gavrilou E
795 2018 The City of Nihei Tsutomu and other Spatial Dystopias.
Papadopoulos S
829 2018 The Originality of Appropriation Paniyiris C
789 2018 Surveillance art in public spaces Papakonstantinou G
774 2018 A school of critical pedagogy Paniyiris C
767 2018 Theoretical investigation of thermal comfort in shelters of refugee camps
Tsangrassoulis A
822 2018 Kakolakkos: One day Village Tzirtzilakis Y
799 2018 Constructing the historical past in the island of Salamis. Folk memory. Experimental preservation. Tzirtzilakis Y
779 2018 Stavros Niarchos Culture Center Paniyiris C
817 2018 Sheep pens of Kromni. What is left from pastoral life. Giannisi P
821 2018 Post – human landscapes Kotionis Z
826 2018 Memory of Place through the Experience of Refugees. Cyprus 1974 Lykourioti I
832 2018 Permanent buildings, Temporary use. Aegina island as capital, city and countryside through its buildings. Colonas V
780 2018 Nea Smyrni, the factious garden-city. Urban Development and Today’s Form. Trova V
773 2018 NEO-NOMADISM. 7 discussions about spatial experiences
Paniyiris C
769 2018 The use of stone in contemporary architecture Manolidis K
776 2018 The Player (through a wandering in the modern urban landscape of the gates of the commercial triangle of Athens) Tzirtzilakis Y
800 2018 PERIERGA An introduction on peculiar Tzirtzilakis Y
815 2018 Gated communities. Freedom behind the walls. Stylidis I
824 2018 Framing and Grounding: Interpretative approaches of space Kotionis Z
827 2018 Approaching the homeless city Lykourioti I
816 2018 First Sight. Psycho-physiological effects and use of color in architecture. Tsangrassoulis A
820 2018 SILVA A contemporary flâneuse in the urban landscape. Giannisi P
793 2018 Thoughts on tourism and the hotel accommodations of the seaside Lykourioti I
834 2018 Obscure cities. The architecture through the comics of F. Schuiten and B. Peeters Papadopoulos S
801 2018 Contemporary metropolis and forms of life: outlining the subjectivity of the multitude Tzirtzilakis Y
765 2018 Conditions and tendencies in residential lighting Tsangrassoulis A
772 2018 Lighting design for visually impaired people Tsangrassoulis A
811 2018 Comics are not “cool”? It’s funny because I happen to have Mr. McLuhan right here who thinks otherwise Psychoulis A
788 2018 Ground as a construction: The Second Modernity of Dutch Architecture Gavrilou E
830 2018 Spirit jails. A social and spacial approach. Lykourioti I
777 2018 Production of 3d space models using cellphone photogrammetric techniques
Tsangrassoulis A
814 2018 User and facade systems. Invention of a preferences research system.
Tsangrassoulis A
812 2018 Chromatic Readings Psychoulis A
781 2018 Experiencing spaces in Μuseum Environments Trova V
784 2018 Space-script: Towards an under construction question about the meaning of space Gavrilou E
835 2018 Digital design and digital construction; The transition to the 4th Industrial Revolution in the example of architectural design Papadopoulos S
746 2017 ''matter out of place'': narratives of space and subjects through the construction of the pure Giannisi P
701 2017 Black Mirror: Promises and cancellations of the digital era in the fields of space and body
Psychoulis A
725 2017 Brion Cemetery. Carlo Scarpa.The significance of the extract in the reconstruction of experiential experience Gavrilou E
748 2017 Commando: Power, War, Architecture Kotionis Z
704 2017 Every/No Body : approaching the new paradigm Gavrilou E
728 2017 from Ego to Eco / from a centralized to a collective life
Stylidis I
694 2017 The Architecture of Music Triantafillidis G
760 2017 The notion of atmosphere in Peter Zumthor’s architecture. Experiencing Kolumba museum and Bruder Klaus chapel Gavrilou E
687 2017 Healthy Manhattan Vyzoviti S
697 2017 Heliotropium:daylighting system of a typical workplace
Tsangrassoulis A
738 2017 IIPV - Indoors Intergrated Photovoltaics. Product design with intergrated photovoltaics. Tsangrassoulis A
707 2017 Lalibela: The Monolithic Wonder of Ethiopia Kanarelis T
721 2017 m(ARCH)eting : The contribution of architecture in the tourist place marketing – branding. The example of Thessaloniki
Triantafillidis G
731 2017 PROJECT-IT - the projection on 3 dimensions as transformation point of space Papadopoulos S
744 2017 Prosumerism: a brief history from Alvin Toffler to Fabrication Laboratories Stylidis I
742 2017 SOCIAL HOUSING.IT _Public housing _Intemporal Architectural - Humanitarian Request Trova V
757 2017 SPIAGGIA : Shifts of perception in the interaction between the natural and the artificial Gavrilou E
Psychoulis A
726 2017 The story behind Evangelion
Papadimitriou M
693 2017 The Third Design
Tsangrassoulis A
714 2017 Extreme examples of school atmospheres Remy N
717 2017 Searching for the poetic film Dialogue behind the mirror Papakonstantinou G
690 2017 Anthropocene | A cosmic construction site Kotionis Z
Tzirtzilakis Y
762 2017 Ano Kerasia, Tour and Record in the Historic Site
Manolidis K
705 2017 Modular nano house with minimum energy requirements Tsangrassoulis A
696 2017 Ancient Agora of Athens: Τhrough the excavation tokens to the virtual reality Gounaris A
764 2017 Architecture + Autism Trova V
691 2017 The urban form and the identity conservation of Gjirokastra’s city. Distinctive features of the houses Kanarelis T
761 2017 Urban public space and uses. The example of Larisa
Manolidis K
709 2017 Atmosphere in the school yards
Remy N
698 2017 Geometry and cosmology in Architecture of western civilization Tsangrassoulis A
754 2017 Land, architecture and advertisement.The space as a product and the architecture as a mean of promotion. Lykourioti I
750 2017 Glyfada : The chronicle of a seaside consumerist center. From an idyllic sea bath destination to the city resort of the Athenian Coastline Kotionis Z
730 2017 Procegural Content Generation: Spaces and Video Games Papadopoulos S
699 2017 Interrelation between architecture and fashion design. Its influence on shell modulation Vyzoviti S
724 2017 Demolition Manual. Strategic interventions for the urban stock Gavrilou E
688 2017 Energy and political redevelopment of the city block Stylidis I
759 2017 Redefining permanence. From the practices of the East to the West Gavrilou E
710 2017 reuse appropriation planning Stylidis I
722 2017 The Interpretation of the Garden: from Persian paradise to the English landscape of the 18th century
Triantafillidis G
700 2017 Architecture in the Digital Age of Construction: from mass production to mass customization. Paniyiris C
732 2017 The Architecture of Space Stations Papadopoulos S
711 2017 The range of folding’s scale - applications through the photogrammetry systems Vyzoviti S
751 2017 The city’s skin is speaking Psychoulis A
695 2017 Inhabiting the water: From lake dwellings to Tokyo bay Papadopoulos L
706 2017 Housing Architecture and Space in Pre-Revolutionary Russia through Literature. Giannisi P
720 2017 The Care and legislation for the restoration and safeguarding of the Greek cultural heritage Triantafillidis G
689 2017 The urban evolution of the Urban Block in Europe from the mid-19th century until today Trova V
715 2017 The Symbolic City (and its Double) Antonas A
Paniyiris C
740 2017 Thermal mass: abilities and limitations Tsangrassoulis A
741 2017 Holy Monastery of St John the Baptist of Siki Kanarelis T
734 2017 HIMATIASIS, or the painful pursuit of the «ideal» body
Gavrilou E
703 2017 Universal design of a public space luminaire Tsangrassoulis A
733 2017 Building Chaos, trolling as a tactic of communication and a way to express disagreement Psychoulis A
712 2017 Habitation in extreme isolated and confined environments Triantafillidis G
743 2017 Column: Supporting the world Tzirtzilakis Y
747 2017 Stone building materials. Evolution of mining and use Kanarelis T
708 2017 Study in the seismic behavior of traditional constructions and in the contemporary techniques of restoration Philippitzis D
758 2017 Past the first turn. Divergent multiplicities of the labyrinthian Gavrilou E
752 2017 Metropolis 2049: architecture of defiance Papadopoulos S
729 2017 micro geo bio graphies of immigration. a greek family in America in the beginning of the 20th century. Lykourioti I
Papadopoulos L
702 2017 The road to recovery: design after disaster Philippitzis D
692 2017 Interior -Internal- Space Mitroulias G
755 2017 Desecrating civilization: the iconic treasure of Palmyra Lykourioti I
716 2017 The three-aisled Basilicas in Agia dated between the 18th & 19th century. Varalis I
Kanarelis T
736 2017 Aspects of catastrophes. The case of the Athenian Acropolis. Gounaris A
763 2017 Multilayered Cities
Trova V
719 2017 Modern Trends and Particularities in the Design of Catering Facilities in Greece: The example of Volos Philippitzis D
737 2017 Designing with light. The exterior public lighting of cities. Tsangrassoulis A
756 2017 School building: transitions through time and space Mitroulias G
745 2017 Body & queer identity: Theoretical and spatial approaches of the abject sexuality in Athens Giannisi P
735 2017 Voyage along the linear city of the Mediterranean. Sea Urbanization -Tourism - The Greek example Paniyiris C
713 2017 Telchinic (De)Vices Giannisi P
749 2017 Restroom: A gendered story
Kotionis Z
753 2017 The place/ To méros Lykourioti I
727 2017 Hair and Symbolism Psychoulis A
739 2017 Underground Constructions [Living Inside]
Tsangrassoulis A
723 2017 The experience of the city square
Triantafillidis G
718 2017 Digital imprinting ; the three-dimensional scanner in architectural representation Papadopoulos S
656 2016 Berlivin’ From the squats of the 70’s to the cohabitation of the 21st century Papadopoulos L
654 2016 Flexus-shader- The study of mobile and interactive shading systems
Tsangrassoulis A
678 2016 The use of architecture in colonialism as a means of control and construction of identities Giannisi P
Tzirtzilakis Y
676 2016 Living off the grid : Living off the grid with the support of hardware technology. Tsangrassoulis A
641 2016 NO-BODY or notes around the body's limits Gavrilou E
634 2016 The role of tobacco in the development of the town of Xanthi and its tobacco warehouses. Kanarelis T
640 2016 Pneuma: Breath of Life, first person perspective and simulation of architectural experience through videogames Papadopoulos S
647 2016 SKIN+BONES 2_10 YEARS LATER Gavrilou E
685 2016 Sustainable Facades: Double Skin Façade System Tsangrassoulis A
653 2016 The Household Bleach. A genealogy of domesticity. Tzirtzilakis Y
638 2016 Windspace. Analysis techniques of natural ventilation and modern design approach of rotating windcatcher. Tsangrassoulis A
683 2016 Sport and Architecture -The interaction between sport and architecture Kanarelis T
659 2016 Planted Facade Modular System Tsangrassoulis A
655 2016 Daylight ambiances : Patterns and Views Tsangrassoulis A
663 2016 Subtraction, Destruction: Thoughts on management of urban vacant building stock. Gavrilou E
639 2016 Why "Living Cities" Failed? An overview of the architectural boom of the decades 1950-1970 Papadopoulos L
633 2016 Ten transparency scenarios. Gavrilou E
674 2016 Public Profile & Architecture. Promotion as a part of architecture creation
Papakonstantinou G
642 2016 BIPOLAR HETEROTOPIAS The brothel, the ship and the cinema as heterotopias of escapism and confinement Tzirtzilakis Y
651 2016 DRAMATURGY OF URBAN SPACE Contemporary Theatre Practices in the City Papadopoulos S
637 2016 ΕΚ-COLLAPSE-ΙΣ: The incubation, the collapse and the maturity of and during the architectural education. Giannisi P
684 2016 Energy upgrading of hotel shells Tsangrassoulis A
636 2016 INSIDE, OUTSIDE AND ON THE DIVIDING LINE: Memories and Practices in Nicosia’s Divided Space. Tzirtzilakis Y
666 2016 Exhaustion Beckett: The lost ones, Quad, Ghost trio Tzirtzilakis Y
658 2016 Reuse_ A study of architectural conservation and potentiality of reintegration in the modern urban fabric
Adamakis K
632 2016 Urban regeneration – Reuse of urban areas, the European experience. Triantafillidis G
686 2016 Ephemeral Metapolis, Cities with an Expiration Date Papadopoulos L
668 2016 The evolution of Hora of Andros through the territorial Trova V
680 2016 The exploration of a monument-The National Theater of Rhodes Papakonstantinou G
631 2016 Necropolis of Cairo. Kanarelis T
677 2016 Interlude in 3 parts Mitroulias G
648 2016 Residences in motion. Towing out of necessity and desires.
Papadopoulos S
650 2016 Mall : Boxes simulating elements of urbanity
Gavrilou E
Paniyiris C
671 2016 The traditional Architecture of Crete: The example of Lassithi’s region Philippitzis D
681 2016 “Underground” no-existance and underlives: and underground recursion from man, to ghosts, and last, to the dead. Psychoulis A
672 2016 List- Orderly chaos Giannisi P
Psychoulis A
665 2016 GIZMO METHOD / An assumption of domestic technology Tzirtzilakis Y
643 2016 Mechanical Euphoria Mitroulias G
660 2016 Intervention Mechanisms : The case of the dwelling Gavrilou E
679 2016 The space of another. Inhabitance through the eyes of psychosis. Oreopoulos P
Papadopoulos L
645 2016 Utopia: here, now Kotionis Z
670 2016 Parian land - from the subsoil to the traditional architecture Manolidis K
661 2016 Beyond the Strategies of Commemoration Papadopoulos L
649 2016 About gossipers. A social and spatial approach of gossip. Psychoulis A
667 2016 ABOUT COLLECTIONS Tzirtzilakis Y
682 2016 polyphony: 60+1 participations Trova V
630 2016 Approaching the sustainable urban design. Utopia and reality. Trova V
646 2016 Meeting Point of Species - Kosinthos Tzirtzilakis Y
664 2016 Arcades within the Fabric. Notes on the architecture, the city and the revolution Papadopoulos L
673 2016 The military bases as a challenge for the upgrade of the Urban tissue Trova V
675 2016 What if…: Aspects of Urbanity in Pixar Animated Movies
Papakonstantinou G
629 2016 The architectural puzzle of New Ionia. Alterations and additions of the refuge settlement over time Manolidis K
635 2016 THE MUSEUM AS LANDMARK. Analysis of selected museums of the 20th and 21st century
Colonas V
652 2016 TRINARY CITIES – the case of videogames
Papadopoulos S
669 2016 Land Grabbing in the period of crisis Trova V
662 2016 Gagged Natures Kotionis Z
618 2015 "Take a seat". A study on the concept of sitting in public urban spaces.
Tsangrassoulis A
597 2015 architecture [in]completeness - architectural suppleness scenarios Paniyiris C
Papadopoulos L
592 2015 From shadow to light, revival of abandoned areas
Adamakis K
599 2015 Çatal Hüyük, from daily life to history Gounaris A
Papadopoulos L
627 2015 Duplitecture. The architecture of copying. The production of architecture through the evolution and rearrangement of the methods and the typologies that make it functional.
Papadopoulos L
Psychoulis A
615 2015 Ecocities Tsangrassoulis A
Trova V
624 2015 LIMBO. In the Hell of Gendered In Human. Giannisi P
605 2015 Monorail: Riding on a single rail above the city Stylidis I
Papadopoulos L
613 2015 Wild vegetation and architecture. Versions of domination and coexistence. Manolidis K
596 2015 The Revival of the Industrial Heritage - Habitation Adamakis K
588 2015 Review of Lighting Quality Criterias. Tsangrassoulis A
612 2015 Perceptions about the landscape through the myth and ancient greek texts Giannisi P
595 2015 Urban screens: A social experience in the city Colonas V
590 2015 Toward a theory of repetition in architecture. Tzirtzilakis Y
626 2015 Working on surfaces. Stories of an office.
Gavrilou E
617 2015 Dynamic facades. Upgrade of the building shell.
Tsangrassoulis A
608 2015 The Noordgesig Primary School Vegetable Gardens - Art as a relational object. Papadopoulos L
Patsavos N
609 2015 Curating the normal Antonakakis D
606 2015 Performance, Performativity and Public Art in the city of Athens from 1990 till nowadays
Kotionis Z
610 2015 The sense of density
Gavrilou E
Tzirtzilakis Y
622 2015 The deconstraction of “polykatoikia”. Analysis of the spatial conditions in polykatoikia using scale as a tool.
Gavrilou E
591 2015 The urban development of Komotini and the market respectively. Kanarelis T
594 2015 MAGOYLA ZERELIA, LOCUS 306 Gounaris A
Papadopoulos L
604 2015 Project title: A "reading" of the city of Athens through the experience of motion and the concept of reflection.
Gavrilou E
621 2015 Monasteries of Pelion Adamakis K
611 2015 Multisensory architecture for bauxite mining workers. Suzana and Dimitris Antonakakis Distomo settlement Visits I- VII
Tzirtzilakis Y
623 2015 Rebetiko Song. An urban phenomenon. Tzirtzilakis Y
607 2015 Signs of time, approaches of everyday practice Tzirtzilakis Y
602 2015 A semiotic approach to church architecture of the 21st century applying the analytical method to four case study buildings Kanarelis T
598 2015 Thoughts of slowness Paniyiris C
614 2015 Design for the Elderly Tsangrassoulis A
600 2015 Design and evaluation of a low cost solar air heating system. Tsangrassoulis A
628 2015 Tirana: The evolution of building construction from the fall of communism until today. Trova V
601 2015 Τhreshold; an attempt to approach it and define it based on human practices. Giannisi P
620 2015 The chronicle of the collapse of a vertical structural habitation.
Papakonstantinou G
603 2015 3D Printing and applications Kalaouzis G
Papadopoulos S
593 2015 The typologies of theatrical space and its changes. Gavrilou E
625 2015 Day lighting & Shading systems. Tsangrassoulis A
619 2015 Play Areas In The City Trova V
616 2015 Tall buildings: Their evolutionary march in time… The 4th generation skyscrapers Adamakis K
589 2015 Digital Installations. Preserving the material and the immaterial. Papadopoulos S
564 2014 Trova V
582 2014 AUTOPIA - Fellow-passengers in a truck
Papadopoulos L
Tzirtzilakis Y
542 2014 Dencity, Urban Density Kotionis Z
549 2014 Mapping Projection -Τhe analysis of reality in pixels. Floros A
538 2014 Park movement 1850-1930: The beginning and the evolution of park's model in America. Trova V
556 2014 Sound spaces Remy N
565 2014 What the punk? - Mental emergence, subculture and “Metapoliteusis”
Tzirtzilakis Y
560 2014 "This is not Real". Thoughts on the Real, the hyper-Real and the non-Real Tzirtzilakis Y
537 2014 Markets and urbanization - a socio spatial approach. Trova V
574 2014 Philippitzis D
547 2014 Upgrating of building shell of old blocks of flats Tsangrassoulis A
583 2014 Interpretations of sited events. From the starting point to the terminal.
Tzirtzilakis Y
551 2014 Tsangrassoulis A
557 2014 Reviw of lighting systems in museums Tsangrassoulis A
540 2014 Attempts on Erratics Tzirtzilakis Y
545 2014 Architecture and Gastronomy Psychoulis A
536 2014 Urban changes in Tirana of the 20th century. Sociopolitical factors that contributed. Trova V
571 2014 Biomimicry in architecture. The new approach in bioclimatic and energy building design. Tsangrassoulis A
581 2014 Dwellings at Holy Monastery of Kalami in Nauplius. Recordings, testimonies, notes and illustrations of monastic life and hospitality. Tzirtzilakis Y
587 2014 Crimes of love passion. A specific heterotopia of infringement. Tzirtzilakis Y
562 2014 A guide to recognising your architect. Stylidis I
570 2014 A "full" gap at the heart of the Greek building. Tsangrassoulis A
548 2014 Energy upgrating of the building of the Architecture Tsangrassoulis A
534 2014 ENDOS - An interpretative approach of interior space Tzirtzilakis Y
586 2014 Power, art and mass culture. Cinema as a means of spreading ideas and control of society. Stylidis I
558 2014 The Experience of the Senses, Architecture, Body and Perception. Trova V
559 2014 Moving as space. The steadiness of motion and the mobility of standstill from the minimal nomadic infrastructure to now. Gavrilou E
535 2014 The political influence on architectural thinking and output. The example of the 1967-74 period. Case study: The architectural competitions for the “The Church of the Saviour”. Tzirtzilakis Y
543 2014 City fragments
Gavrilou E
Papadopoulos L
546 2014 Cappadocia: Five sacred sites Kanarelis T
566 2014 Learning from everything. - An approach of learning from Las Vegas. Tzirtzilakis Y
566 2014 Learning from everything. - An approach of learning from Las Vegas. Tzirtzilakis Y
585 2014 META- Metabolism Influences in Contemporary Art Psychoulis A
539 2014 I imitate, You imitate, He/She imitates.
Tzirtzilakis Y
554 2014 Memory and Memorials in post-modern era. The counter - monuments in Germany. Triantafillidis G
577 2014 Utopia and the city: 3 science fiction texts Stylidis I
573 2014 University & the City - Spatial models and urban interrelationships.
Antonakakis D
552 2014 Test site Koursoumlou - The levels of lead
Giannisi P
Tzirtzilakis Y
569 2014 On Wandering Papadopoulos L
572 2014 Notes on the communities. Taxonomy and monsters. Kotionis Z
563 2014 Contemporary dance and architecture. Psychoulis A
579 2014 Designing with structures “in waiting” the architecture of habitation. Gavrilou E
584 2014 The hanging body. Manual of violence and pleasure. Psychoulis A
561 2014 The paradigm plato's dialogues. A starting point for considerations of architectural theory Gounaris A
567 2014 Places of exception and state of emergency. The example of amygdaleza. Papadopoulos L
Lykourioti I
544 2014 Hotels and leisure buildings in Greek cinema during the sixties Papadopoulos L
Colonas V
550 2014 Underground Constructions Tsangrassoulis A
541 2014 Phenomenology of Habitation of the Lost Landscape of Lake Karla. Kotionis Z
568 2014 Spatial dimensions of music through an exploration of graphic notation systems. Papadopoulos S
576 2014 Space in motion: Made in Japan
Trova V
578 2014 Spatiotemporal aspects of temporary. Ephemeral ways of living.
Gavrilou E
487 2013 (EU)TOPIA of furniture making. Creating micro-topia through the design of furniture-construction. Lykourioti I
517 2013 273, sound experience and redefinition of the spatial condition. Lykourioti I
Tzirtzilakis Y
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Gavrilou E
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Adamakis K
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Papadopoulos S
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Lykourioti I
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Colonas V
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529 2013
Manolidis K
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Triantafillidis G
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Colonas V
Gavrilou E
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Trova V
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Lykourioti I
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Kanarelis T
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Papadopoulos L
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510 2013
Kotionis Z
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Papadopoulos S
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Gavrilou E
Oreopoulos P
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Kotionis Z
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Paniyiris C
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Gavrilou E
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Kanarelis T
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Koen A
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Papadimitriou M
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Papadopoulos S
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Papadimitriou M
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Paniyiris C
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Triantafillidis G
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Adamakis K
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Lykourioti I
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Lykourioti I
Giannisi P
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Tzirtzilakis Y
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Floros A
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Manolidis K
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Trova V
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Kalara N
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Dallas A
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Zarkia K
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Tsangrassoulis A
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Papadopoulos L
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Psychoulis A
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Kanarelis T
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Tzirtzilakis Y
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Tzirtzilakis Y
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Colonas V
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Tsangrassoulis A
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Adamakis K
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Colonas V
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Gavrilou E
Tzirtzilakis Y
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Colonas V
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Thermos K
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Adamakis K
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Panetsos P
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Remy N
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Fyga D
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Kouzoupi A
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Vyzoviti S
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Tzirtzilakis Y
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Tsangrassoulis A
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Kouzoupi A
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Kanarelis T
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Gavrilou E
Lykourioti I
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Papadopoulos L
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Tsangrassoulis A
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Bourdakis V
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Kouzoupi A
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Tzirtzilakis Y
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Papadimitriou S
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Manidaki E
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Kanarelis T
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Xatzisavva D
Trova V
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Triantafillidis G
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Kotionis Z
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Kotionis Z
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Tsangrassoulis A
Philippitzis D
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Psychoulis A
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Lykourioti I
Gavrilou E
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Kotionis Z
Giannisi P
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Papadimitriou M
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Fyga D
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Tzirtzilakis Y
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Adamakis K
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Tzirtzilakis Y
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Papadopoulos S
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Adamakis K
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Kotionis Z
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Papadopoulos S
Remy N
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Colonas V
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Trova V
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Tsangrassoulis A
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Vrontissi M
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Tsangrassoulis A
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Papadopoulos S
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Tsangrassoulis A
Theologidou C
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Kotionis Z
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Manolidis K
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Tzirtzilakis Y
Kotionis Z
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Tsangrassoulis A
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Papadopoulos S
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Colonas V
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Manolidis K
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Fatsea I
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Tsangrassoulis A
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