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Team [Κ]-onstruction is a working group investigating the material and structural characteristics of the architectural artifact. Workshops are organized towards the custom-design and full-scale construction of small-scale architectural structures, focusing on the continuum and the complexities of the design process. Experimentation in applied research is nurtured through the merging of professional practice within an academic perspective, in practice-based modules fostering teamwork and multi-disciplinarity.

ACADEMIC COORDINATOR: Maria Vrontissi, Lecturer Dep.Arch.

ADDRESS: Room 20, Dep. of Architecture, Univ. of Thessaly, Pedion Areos, VOLOS 38334, GREECE
Tel. +30.24210.74333

The Unit of Indoor Environment and Low Energy Building Design (IELEBD) undertakes research in national/international level on building low energy design, participates in national/international committees on daylighting and can support passive design, dynamic facades design, thermal comfort measurements, day/lighting design and energy simulation consultancy. The group owns its own artificial sky (full dome) , heliodon and extensive set of instrumentation for indoor environmental measurements ..