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 International Competition \ Envisioning 2017

The international contest is open to students, graduates and experts and its aim is to imagine and design possible scenarios of the city of the future: How will smart and sharing cities look like in the future? How are these changes going to impact on people’s lives in cities?

Participants are asked to produce spherical panoramas of the proposed scenarios. During the awarding ceremony the selected projects will be shown with immersive Virtual Reality displays (Head Mounted Display).

The international jury will award the most innovative projects. The first classified will win one ArchiCad 20 Full licence and one Lumion Standard licence (corresponding value € 6.289).
Moreover, the three winning projects will win three annual subscriptions to charging stations for electric vehicles (provided by NHP); these stations will be implemented within the European project Sharing Cities.


Opening date for applications

Closing of applications and deadline for project submission within 12:00 pm - Central European Time Zone for accessing the first evaluation phase

Notice of the selected proposals (up to 30 proposals) and request of integrative material to access the second evaluation phase

Deadline for the final upload of definitive materials of the finalist projects

Closing ceremony and proclamation of the three finalists, special mentions and prizegiving at the Polytechnic University of Milan with international jury 


Registration until 5/8/5016

Submission until 16-18/8/2016 (depending on theme)


As a part of KAFe2016, the international contest of final projects by graduate students will be one of the most important educational events of the festival.

The announced competition strongly focuses on urban and architectural topics of Kaunas city (Lithuania) downtown in the students’ final theses.

In their projects, students should present conceptual proposals for areas abandoned or needing development, urbanism and architecture of these territories, students are invited to propose new functions for the reappearance of those territories into the city’s fabric, or suggest ideas for utilization of cultural heritage buildings for a completely new function.

The participants will compete for monetary prizes founded by Kaunas University of Technology:
1 place – 1,000 EUR
2 place – 500 EUR
3 place – 300 EUR

Registration deadline - 15th June 2016 and there's no registration fee!

More information can be found in our webpage

The Board of the City Greenery of the City of Krakow, in cooperation with the Association of Polish Architects, announces the one-stage, international study "competition for the Zakrzowek Park in Krakow in Poland".

More info and download files:,736,Zakrzowek.html


The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and DBR | Design Build Research School are now seeking entries for TREEHOUSING, an international wood design competition in the context of the XIV World Forestry Congress.

Housing for the world’s growing urban population and the threat of deforestation are two of the most significant issues facing humanity today. TREEHOUSING challenges architecture students, professional architects and designers to develop innovative and sustainable wood housing and urban building solutions. There are two open categories:

Competition 1 – TREEHOUSING DURBAN: Tall Wood Housing

Competition 2 – TREEHOUSING GLOBAL: Affordable Wood Housing


  1. Visit the TREEHOUSING website for competition information.
  2. Register on the TREEHOUSING website by August 15, 2015.
  3. Design a TREEHOUSING solution.
  4. Submit your entry by 5:00pm CET on August 31, 2015.

The registration deadline is August 15, 2015. All submissions are due August 31, 2015 at 5:00pm CET.  Winners will be selected by an international jury and announced on September 10, 2015 at the XIV World Forestry Congress in Durban, South Africa. A grand prize of $6,000 USD will be awarded in each category, in addition to second and student prizes.  For more information, please download the competition PDF or visit
Questions about the competition?  Please visit our FAQ page or contact us at


Student Documentary Competition "City and Architecture"


the European Commission Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, Cecoforma is organising a “Build Europe with us” video competition. The goal of the competition is to stimulate the uptake of construction-related studies and careers as well as to promote the image of the sector vis-à-vis the younger generation. 

The competition targets young EU citizens and residents aged 15-30 studying and working in construction-related fields.  They are invited to submit videos showcasing their projects and innovative ideas on the website The competition will open on 10 March and close on 18 May 2015.

A high-level jury, which will be made up of experienced people in the field, will select the winners. Winners will be awarded a smartphone. More information on the competition is available on the website.