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Departmental academic coordinators: Professor S. Papadopoulos, Professor V. Trova

Incoming students should first consult the process of acceptance at UTH at

For administrative  issues please contact Ms Alexiou [ central Erasmus office] at

Academic issues

Before the arrival

  1. The Learning agreement (LA) has to be completed and signed by the supervisors of both Sending and Receiving institutions before the acceptance deadline of 31st of July for the winter semester and 15th of December for the spring semester respectively.
  2. The Learning Agreement sets out the study program to be followed by the incoming students. Students have to select courses from the relevant list of courses 2024-2025.These courses are contacted either in English or in Greek with special sessions and tutorials in English for Erasmus students.Students can make changes in their learning agreement during the first month of their arrival. Changes are recorded in the During the Mobility Part of the Learning Agreement and signed by both academic supervisors.
  3. Incoming students are not allowed to attend more than 30 ects/semester or 60 ects/academic year.

After the arrival students should

  1. Contact the central Erasmus office (Papastratos building, Volos)
  2. Register at the Secretariat of the Dept. of Architecture (Architecture building, Pedion Areos, Volos). Please contact Ms Koniari providing a copy of the signed LA. In case of changes during the mobility period, a copy of the new LA has to be given to the secretary.
  3. Contact their academic supervisor at the Dept. of Architecture (Architecture building, Pedion Areos, Volos).

After the completion of studies

The Secretariat of the Dept. of Architecture will prepare the Transcript of Records which will be send by post and email to the Erasmus Office of the Sending Institution and by email to the student.

For any question concerning academic issues, student should contact the relevant academic supervisor. Contact details at List of Agreements and supervisors.