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  Paniyiris Costis / Professor


Born 1965, Athens.

Diploma of Architecture, National Technical University of Athens, 1990.

Master in Architecture, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University, 1992.

Co-founded the Bertaki/Loukopoulou/Paniyiris architectural office in Athens (1994-2017). He has undertaken various public and private projects and has participated and received prizes and distinctions in several national architectural competitions. His work has been shown and published in international architectural group exhibitions and publications.

Teaches at the Department of Architecture, University of Thessaly since 2004 (faculty member since 2010).


Courses in current academic year

Architecture Design Studio II
Architecture of Tourism: Inventing Paradise
Exal(l)a: Redefining the Urban Datum



2009, Spot on Schools, International Architecture Schools' Exhibition, Team: Ε. Gavrilou, Ι.Lycourioti, V.Bourdakis και Κ. Panigiris, Florence, July