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  Papadimitriou Maria / Professor


Βorn in Athens, Greece in 1957, studied Fine Arts at the “École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts” (1981-1986). She is known as an artist for her ability to investigate collaborative projects and collective activities that highlight the interconnection between art and social reality.

In 1998 she started to work with a Roma community in the suburbs of Athens. The nomadic way of living and the particularities of the community gave her the idea of setting up a system of communication and exchange among the inhabitants, herself, the art people and the public. She is theFounderand President of the nonprofit association T.A.M.A. (Temporary Autonomous Museum for All).

Since 2001 teaches at the department of Architecture at Thessaly University and now holds the title of  Professor of Visual Arts and Desing.

Lives and works in Volos and Athens.

Research interests

Visual Art
Art in Public Space
Sunstainable design
History of Art



1981-1986, Painter, École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts ENESBA Paris, France.



++30 6977407326

Research programs

Funding Body:   Culture Programme of the European Union


2012,   "Transnationality" video 35 min

2012, 'Tear and repair" recycling & vintage fashion  at  SOUZY TROS , Eleonas, Athens

2011,  “T.A.M.A.”, Byzantine and Christian Museum, Athens, Greece.

2010,   “Fabricators of the World. Scenarios of Self-will”, Regionale 10 festival of Styrian Culture, Schloss Trutenfels, Universalmuseum Joanneum, Austria.

2010, “Aware - Art Fashion Identity” Royal Academy of Arts, London, England.

2010,  “Hotel Balkan”, Haifa Mediterranean Biennial, Haifa, Israel.

2010,  “Hotel Nokul”, Sinopale III, Historical Sinop Prison, Sinope, Turkey.

2009, “The Party”, Public event with the participation of the ROM community at Aliveri, Volos, Greece.

2006, Interactive Installation: “Hotel Isola”. Collaboration at the Exhibition: “The people's choice”, Isola, Milan, Italy.|lang_fr|lang_el|lang_es|lang_it&client=firefox-a

2005, Video Projection. “Biennial on the Mediterranean Landscape”, Pescara, Italy.  

2003, Interactive sound installation titled “What do we really remember”, Italy

2003, Deste Prize Exhibition, DESTE FOUNDATION, Athens, Greece.

2002, Videoprojection of Tama-sentimental  at the “4th Biennial”, Cetinje, Montenegro.

2002, Contribution to the European Biennale "Manifesta 4", Frankfurt

Courses in current academic year

Architectural and Artistic Practices I: Of Things and Men: Archaeologies of the A-territorial
Architectural and Artistic Practices II
Visual Arts II


Monographs-Books [2]

 Situations, Co-existences, Commons. Maria Papadimitriou , editor  Pelin Tan, publisher dpr barcelona

 "HOTELS", Maria Papadimitriou Artist"s Book, publisher postmedia books, Milano, Italy

Chapters in edited volumes [6]

Living: Frontiers of Architecture  III-IV, text by G. Scadi , Publisher: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art  (2011)

  Papadimitriou M. (2010) “TAMA House”, in Mapping The Invisible: EU-Roma Gypsies, Lucy Orta (ed), Black Dog Publishing

 Papadimitriou M. (2010) “Aware - Art Fashion Identity ”Royal Academy of Arts, London.

Papadimitriou M. (2007) “Two or Three Things I know about him”, in exh. cat. 19th International Photography Meeting, Thessaloniki Museum of Photography.

  Papadimitriou M. (2005) Contribute to the messenger, Μ&Μ Projects. Puerto Rico

Papadimitriou M. (2005) “Peripteron de Cultur” in Fabiana de Barros: OPEN-Culture Kiosk, Antonio Zaya – Sao Paulo SESC

Articles in scientific journals [1]

 Papadimitriou M. (2011) “Arte in un campo rom” in Paesaggio con Figura: Arte, sfera pubblica e transformazione sociale, (ed) Gabi Scardi, Umberto Allemandi & Co. and SusaCulture Project, page 202.

Exhibition catalogues [59]

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2012,    THIS troublesome, uncomfortable and questionable RELEVANCE of Art in Public Space 23–24 November 2012     Event location:
Fabryka Batycki
Kamienna Grobla 28/29
Gdańsk, Poland

2012,     Paesaggio con figura: dialoghi intorno al ruolo sociale dell’arte   Accademia Albertina , Torino, Italy

2011,    International partners meet to further Roma inclusion  Counsil of Europe

2008,  Visiting professor at Naba Master of Arts Degree In Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies   course Director Marco Scotini

Academic lectures

2013,  Seminar "Art space and the city",  post-graduate studies,  Cattolica University, Milan, Italy  ...    

2013,  Seminar " Public art practices" , IULM University, Milan, Italy

2012,    "EGGS IN ART"  University of Thessaly Department of Architecture  Postgraduate Course of Studies

2008,   Seminar: L’Arte Pubblica, post-graduate studies,TSM Trentino School of Management -Master of Arts and Culture Management, Trento, Italy 

2005,  Seminar, Open Museum in the city, post-graduate studies, National Technical University of Athns NTUA


2014 - 2014, ΦIRMA GYPSY GLOBALES The dress of the Gypsies (Roma) can be the vehicle for an anthropological and sociological investigation of a way of life whose most prominent characteristic is movement and non conformity to a dominant order. The Gypsy people have long been scattered throughout Europe and have to this day preserved their autonomy, living in closed nomadic groups that rely on a heightened sense of tradition in matters of identity, dress, physicality, sexuality, material culture, family and relations between genders. Today a series of economic and social shifts have been the cause of widespread déclassement (a form of downward social mobility) among social groups, the result of which is a class diaspora analogous to the nomadism of the Roma that has ensured their survival to date. The activities of ΦIRMA GYPSY GLOBALES help reconstruct the history and genealogy of a Gypsy fashion house (whose ‘founders’ we follow from early twentieth century Romania to France, Italy and, lastly, Greece). The brand designs and manufactures lines of accessories, apparel, and objects which are represented alongside actual objects used by the Gypsies in their attire as symbols of the rituals that inform the tribe’s laws and relations, setting behavior patterns and determining cultural and aesthetic representations of the body. Thus, a hybrid narrative device develops to explore issues of individual and collective identity, and explain the importance the Gypsies attach to their attire as a thing that singles them out visually. ΦΙRMA GYPSY GLOBALES is a comment on the notions of appropriation, displacement, inauthenticity, copying, mimesis, and variation. It also proposes an interpretation of the constant transformation of symbols and life practices, alongside such contemporary trends as reusing and recycling. The project includes the publication of a special edition which archives all relevant anthropological and historical content and is interspersed with instances of artistic reappropriation. Studio-318%20copy%202.jpg

2013, During the eclipses art mates, CAMP, Athens

2013, "Halftime", Museum Kontopoulos, Agia Paraskevi, Athens

2013, LUSTLAND, Thermissia, Peloponnese

2013, Modern Territories, Boules Canons and Potatoes, with Varelas, Vassilis H and John Varsos SOUZY TROS, Eleonas, Athens

2013, Potluck I, SOUZY TROS, Eleonas, Athens

2013, Potluck IΙ, SOUZY TROS, Eleonas, Athens

2013, 'Hell As Pavillion", Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France

2012, "Over! Leftover", Batycki Factory, Gdansk, Poland

2012,   “Souzy Tros”,Elaionas, Athens, Greece

2012, " a gathering" Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece

2012, " a gathering" , Greek festival

2012,   “Fight-Specific Isola”. Frigoriferi Milanesi, Milan, Italy

2012,   “Roma-Sinti-Kale-Manush”,Autograph ABP, London, United Kingdom

2012, “ Evil” LA GALERIE UTOPIA - THE FORGOTTEN BAR PROJECT, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France  

2012, The Mediterranean Approach”, SESC, Sao Paulo,Brazil

2011, “Le Paris Bar a Paris”, Suzanne Tarasieve, Loft 19, Paris, France

2011, “T.A.M.A.”,Byzantine and Christian Museum, Athens, Greece (solo show)

2011, “PopSea”, TOQSO Art, Piraeus, Greece (solo show)

2011, “Monodrome”, Athens Biennale3, Diplarios School, Athens, Greece (group show)

2011, “LIVING”- Frontiers of ArchitectureIII, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark  (group show)

2011, “THE MEDITERRANEAN APPROACH”, Palazzo Zenobio, Venice, Italy (group show)

2011, “Greek Art”, Sem Art Gallery, Monaco (group show)

2010, Hotel Nokul”, Sinopale III , Historical Sinop Prison, Sinop, Turkey (solo show)

2010, “Hotel Balkan”,Haifa Mediterranean Biennial, Haifa, Israel (solo show)

2010, “Aware - art fashion identity”Royal Academy of Arts, London. Great Britain (group show)

2010, “The Ark. Old Seeds for New Cultures” 12th International Architecture ExhibitionLa Biennale di Venezia , Participation at the Greek Pavillion ,Venice, Italy (group show)

2010, Fabricators of the World. Scenarios of Self-will”, Regionale 10 festival of Styrian Culture, Schloss Trutenfels, Universalmuseum Joanneum, Austria (group show)

2010, Mute Signs-Contemporary approaches to (in)tolerance”,Hungarian University of Fine Arts   Budapest, Hungary (group show)

2010, Mixed & Mastered: Greek video art from the 00s”, Centre for Visual Introspection, Bucharest, Romania (group show)

2010, “Le Paris Bar a Paris”, Suzanne Tarasieve, Loft 19, Paris, France (group show)

2010, Dwelling in travel”, Center of Contemporary Art, Plovdiv, Bulgaria (group show)

2009, “T.A.M.A. side effects”  10thLyon Biennial, Lyon, France (solo show)

2009, “The Party”, Public event  with the participation of the ROM community at Aliveri , Volos,Greece (solo show)

2009, “Infinito fa rumore eternita fa Silenzio”, Mercato Coperto, Regio Emillia, Italy (solo show)

2009, “T.A.M.A. side effects” collaboration with Gabi Scardi and Lucy Orta, 10thLyon Biennial, Lyon, France (group show)

2009, “We do it” , Kunstraum Lakeside, Klangerfurd, Austria (group show)

2009, “The First Image”, Center of Contemporary Art Sete, France (group show)

2009, “Naughtiness”, Beltsios Collection, Margari Foundation, Amfilohia, Gr (group show)

2009, “Amateur Bicyclism”, ReMap2 , Locus Athens, Gr (group show)

2009, “The 2nd Gypsy Roma Traveller Month- Screening “, Autograph ABP, London, Great Britain (group show)

2009, “EU-ROMA Dwelling”, RIBA, London, Great Britain (group show)

2008, “CORBU”, Zina Athnasiadou gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece (solo show)

2008, “Nothing is happening”,  Common View, National Theater, Athens Greece, National Museum of Contemporary Art ,Thessaloniki, Greece (group show)

2008, “Luv car”, A Dialogue Between Greek and Chinese Artists, Museumof Contemporary Art , Shanghai China (group show)

2008, “Women only”, Beltsios Collection, Margaris Foundation, Amfilohia, Gr (group show)

2008, “Ideal Homes”, Casa del Lago, Mexico City, Mexico (group show)

2008, Sũeno de casa propia, VIMCORSA, Cordoba, Spain (group show)

2008, “Games without frontiers”, Zoumboulaki gallery, Athens, Greece (group show)

2007, “SA MA KHOL TRUCK - a City Tour”, Public event , Teseco Foundation, Pisa Italy (solo show)

2007, “Novocomum on Wheels, Direct Architecture, Politics and Space Borgovico33, Como, Italy (solo show)

2007, “Volksgarten orchestra”,  Volksgarten, Politics of Belonging, Kunsthaus, Graz, Austria (group show)

2007,  “TAMAhouse”, Sueňo de Casa Propia, La Casa Encendida, Madrid, Spain, 7thGwangju Biennale, Gwangju, Corea (group show)

2007, “TOPOI”, BenakiMuseum, Athens,Greece (group show)

2007, “Habitation Variation” BAC - Bâtiment d’art contemporain, Geneva (group show)

2007, “My Yurt”, Heterotopias, First Contemporary Art Biennale of Thessaloniki,  Thessaloniki Greece (group show)

2007, “Who’s There”, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece (group show)

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2007,  “Risorse Comuni’’, Public Art, Community Art and Social Aestethics, ANCI Association, Milan, Italy (group show)

2006, HOTEL PLUG - INN, Castillo de San Gabriel, Lanzarote (solo show)

2006, 1st Bienal de Arquitectura, Arte y Paisaje de Canarias (solo show)

2006, “Hotel International” First Andros International, Pitrofos, Greece (solo show)

2006, The Atthens Effect’’, Mudima Foundation, Milan (group show)

2006, What remains is future’’, European Cultural Capital 2006, Patras, Greece (group show)

2006, Check in Europe”, EPO Munich, Germany (group show)

2006, LESS alternative living strategies”, Pavillion of Contemporary Art, Milan, Italy (group show)

2006, The people's choice”, Isola, Milan, Italy (group show)

2006, An Outing”, Beltsios Collection, Trikala, Greece (group show)

2005, Two or three things I know about him”, Riflemaker Gallery, London, England (solo show)

2005, Screening at the KINITRON gas station”, National Road Larissa- Trikala, Larissa Contemporary Art center, Thessaly (solo show)

2005, The Rolling Billboard” Art Project euro PART, Vienna, Austria (group show)

2005, PROFESSIONS” , Telloglio Foundation Thessaloniki, Greece (group show)

2005, Myths / AntiMyths”, Forum Plus, Wroclaw, Poland (group show)

2005, GESTURE, QUARTER”, Centro Produzione Arte, Florence, Italy (group show)

2005, 8th International Mediterranean Documentary film festival”, Samos island, Greece (group show)

2005, GOING PUBLIC 05 communities and territories”, Larissa Contemporary Art center, Thessaly, Greece (group show)

2005, УВЛАДИМИРА, Video art, Locus, Athens, Greece (group show)

2005, Biennial on the Mediterranean Landscape”, Pescara, Italy (group show)

2005, Mira como se mueven”, Telefonica Foundation, Madrid, Spain (group show)

2005, “Drawings”Parnassos”, Literary Society, Athens, Greece (group show)

2005, “Girl Power 4”, Spiliotis Projects, Athens, Greece (group show)

2004, 9th Biennial of Architecture”, participation in the Greek pavilion, Venice, Italy (group show)

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2004, BODYWORKS”, Center of Arts, Nicosia, Cyprus (group show)

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2004, We'll meet again”, Espacio Uno, Museo Nacional Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain (solo show)

2004, Temporary Office”, Olivetti Foundation, Rome (solo show)

2004, Amphiareion04 Ilumina tus suenos”, MM Projects Rincon, Puerto Rico (solo show)

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2004, Staying or leaving”, Camera Austria, Kunsthause, Graz, Austria (group show)

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2003, Outlook”, Factory, Athens, Greece (group show)

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2003, GOING PUBLIC”, Modena, Italy (group show)

2003, DESTE PRIZE, DESTE foundation, Athens, Greece (group show)

2003, The Pioneers”, Macedonian Beltsios collection, Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece (group show)

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2002, Manifesta 4”, Frankfurt, Germany (group show)

2002, Fusion Cuisine”, DESTE Foundation, Athens, Greece (group show)

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2002, T.A.M.A.” (Temporary Autonomous Museum for), 25th Biennial Sao Paulo, Brazil (solo show)

2001, “T.A.M.A.”1st Biennial, Tirana, Albania (group show)

2001, Overexcited body”, Arte e _sporte, SESC, Sao Paulo, Brazil (group show)

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1993, 4th Biennal of New Art”, Zelona Gura, Poland (group show)

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1989, “Casino”, Contemporary Art Gallery, Athens, Greece (solo show)

1989, “Volcano”, Energiaki EPE, Sindos, Thessaloniki, Greece (solo show)

Public lectures

2012,    Percorsi Artistici per lo Spazio Publico  Spazio Monotono Viale Milano 60, Vincenza

2012,    Landscape with figure. Art, the public sphere and social transformation MAXXI (Museum of the 21st Century Arts) in Rome

2003, DESTE Prize  for Contemporary Greek Art