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  Mitroulias Giorgos / Associate Professor


Giorgos Mitroulias(Athens, 1978) studied architecture at the National Technical University of Athens (1996-2002). Awarded a Fulbright Scholarship in 2003, he received his MsAAD at Columbia University, NY (2004), before working in the office of Steven Holl Architects. 

In 2006 he co-founded AREA (, and since then has received numerous awards in international architecture competitions for both public and private large-scale works, such as first prize for the design of 220 housing units in Kardia, first prize (ex aequo) in the in the national architecture competition AthensX4, special mention in the european competition Europan 12 in Germany. Their work has been presented in workshops, lectures and exhibitions in Greece and abroad, and in 2012 AREA participated in the exhibition "Made in Athens" in the Greek Pavilion at the Venice Biennale.

Since 2007 he has taught a design studio at the University of Thessaly School of Architecture and in 2013 he was a visiting professor in the Architecture School of the University of Cyprus.


1996-2002, Architecture Diploma, Architecture School, NTUA
2003-2004, MSc in Advanced Architectural Design, GSAPP, Columbia University


Architectural work

2020, Grotto, Residence in Athens

2019, Villa Suburbana, Residence in Athens

2019, Tavros, Art Space in Tavros

2018, Geometries, Exhibition Design in Athens

2018, Zagara, Open Air Theater in Athens

2018, Polis2, Urban Design program for Athens Municipality

2018, Residence in Voula

2017, Homeoffice, Notary office in Athens

2017, Np, Exhibition Design in Athens

2017, Atrapos, Summer Residence in Antiparos

2017, Sunflower, Summer residence in Antiparos

2016, Kamares, Summer house in Antiparos

2015, Alikandros, In-Cave Summer Residence in Andros

2014, Polypartment, Building Renovation in Halandri

2014, Emporikon, Hotel Renovation in Athens

2013, Salamis Summer Residence

2011, Koutoundo, Summer Residence Extension, Kea Island

2010, Hansen, Mix Use Building in Athens

2009, Suburban Peekaboo, Garden Design for a Shipping Company

2008, Paars Boutique, Kolonaki

2008, Marc by Marc Jacobs store at Golden Hall Marousi

2008, Cascading U, Duplex Residence in Kryoneri

2007, Parametric Wall, In-Built Furniture

2006, AREA (Architecture Research Athens)

2006 - 2007, KLMF Architects, Athens

2004 - 2005, Steven Holl Architects

2003, Kokkinou Kourkoulas Architects

Courses in current academic year

Architectural Design VII: What if water gained citizenship?
Introduction to Architecture II

Other Teaching

2013, Visiting Lecturer, Architecture School, Univeristy of Cyprus

2013 - 2015, Lecturer, Architecture Department, University of Thessaly

2007 - 2017, Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture, University of Thessaly


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2020,  Lecture, Atelier of the hellenik institute of Architects, Benaki Museum

2019,  Discussion panel, The Architect Show 2, Helexpo Maroussi

2019,  Lecture, Days of Architecture, Banja Luka

2018,  4th Global Dwelling Conference

2018,  Lecture at the AUTH School of Architecture

2018,  Lecture, Citylab Workshop

2018,  Participatory Workshops for Polis2 program of Athens Municipality

2018,  Round-table Discussion in the USA Pavilion, Thessaloniki International Exhibition

2014,  "Are we disappearing?", Lecture, "Futurology" Architecture Festival, Florence

2014,  Public Presentation, "Beginnings" Domes Index, Benaki Museum, Athens

2013,  Domes Index, Benaki Museum, Athens

2013,  Lecture at the "Crossing Borders" Architecture Festival, Cluj Napoca, Rumania

2011,  Act Green Symposium, Athens

2011,   "Guerilla Architecture for Athens", Presentation, 3rd Athens Biennale της Αθήνας

Academic lectures

2013,  "Common Voids", Lecture, Department of Architecture, University of Patras 

2012,  "Dialectical City", Workshop, School of Architecture, Libanese American University, Beirut


2019, Tomorrows Exhibition, Le Lieu Unique, Nantes

2017, Outside Exhibition, Balkan Bienalle

2015, Adhocracy, From Making Things to Making the Commons, Onasis Cultural Center

2015, 8th Biennale of Young Greek Architects

2013, 5th Architecture Triennale in Crete, CAM

2013, 7th Biennale of Young Greek Architects

2012, Made in Athens, Greek Pavilion, Venice Biennale

2012, 14F-21GR, Benaki Museum, Athens

2011, Made in Greece, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University

2010, Public Spots on Private Plots, Langelois, Austria

2010, 6th Biennale of Young Greek Architects

2008, Un-Built: International Architecture Events, Byzantine Museum, Athens

2007, 5th Biennale of Young Greek Architects

2004, Tall Buildings, ΜοΜΑ (Collaboration with Steven Holl)

2003, 11th Biennale of Young European Architects, Athens

Public lectures

2014,  "Variations on a Theme", Public Lecture, Hellenic Institute of Architects

2014,  Public Workshop with Residents, invited by WBG, Nuremberg

2013,  Public Speech, Agora, Athens Biennale

2011,  Pecha Kucha, Presentation, Athens

2010,  Presenation of Recent Work, Palazzo Widman, Venice


2012,  Substitute Jury Member in the National Architecture Competition for Faliron Landmark 

2008,  Committee Member of the "Dimitris Varangkis: Scholarship for Architecture Studies at Columbia University


2014,  "Aigaleon 639" Participatory Workshop with Residents, curated by Locus Athens and NEON

2011,  Ecoweek Workshop

2015, Honorable Mention, Best Project of 2010-2015 «DOMES 2015» Awards, for the project "Summer House in Salamis"

2013, Honorable Mention, Best Project of 2010-2012 «DOMES 2013» Awards, for the new offices of COOP Bank in Nicosia, Cyprus

2013, (Honorable Mention) Εuropean Architecture Competition Europan12 for Social Housing in Nuremberg, Germany

2012, (Honorable Mention) Εuropean Architecture Competition for the new offices of COOP Bank in Nicosia, Cyprus

2012, (Honorable Mention) International Architecture Competition (UIA) for an Innovative Bioclimatic School Complex in Crete

2010, (Mention) International Competition Athens Benchmark

2010, (3rd PrizeΕuropean Architecture Competition for the new Cypriot News Agency offices in Nicosia, Cyprus

2010, (1st Prize ex aequo) National Architecture Competition AthensX4

2007, (1st Prize) Εuropean Architecture Competition by ANTHEMIAS and DOMES for a residential complex in Kardia, Greece

2007, (1 out of 5 finalists) International Architecture Competition for an Exhibition Pavilion, The Art Fund Pavilion / Tent London

2006, (Redemption) Εuropean Archiecture Competition by PROTEAS and DOMES for a summer residence complex in Skroponeri, Evia Island