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  Stylidis Iordanis / Associate Professor


Iordanis Stylidis was born in Edessa-Pella in 1959. He is a graduate of the School of Architecture of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (1987-1992). He is also have a diploma in Εconomics from the University of Macedonia (situated in Thessaloniki-Greece) (1978-1984). He is an assistand professor at the Department of Architecture at the University of Thessaly-Hellas where he is teaching 1. ‘’Architectural Composition/synthesis IV’’, 2. ‘’Designing small scale spaces and objects’’, 3. ‘’Visual Communication’’, 4. ‘’Automated and Autonomous structures-Habitats’’

His is an experience practitioner in the field of the architectural analysis and composition, active as a solo performer or colaborator (mostly between the years1992 and 1999) in minor or big scale projects (from small scale houses to municipal administration buildings, interior restorations and furniture production). Additionally, he is still participating in national and international architectural competitions.

As an artist and a conceptual activist he is the curator of sixteen solo art exhibitions and installations and he has multiple participations to Biennale and Triennale international exhibitions since 1980. He is the writer of many essays, papers, concept manuals for education and six books (2013 / An Urban Block, 2010 / Transportation of Memories, 2009 / Defecators, 2006 / The Geography of Water, 2004 / INDIA through JORDAN, 2001 / Communication and Design) containing a huge variety of information and analysis about 1. the western visual culture, 2. the techniques to create and compose optical information, 3. the stochastic narrations consisting of elements of analysis of the identity in long term voyages to the eastern civilizations, 4. Proposals, Explanations and Directions for the understanding of the landscapes and the habitats, the contemporary urban environment, the multi-cultural ethics and responces. He is the enthusiastic carrier of a vital interest for cartography, semiotics and the concept correlation of the art phenomenon and the sciences into the modern technical and cultural environment.

Coinstantaneously he is organizing, directing or participating to 1. educational voyages (India, Oman, Egypt, Nepal, Germany, Turkey, Syria, Iordan, Italy, Switzerland), 2. documentation and design collective workshops in Greek regional communities and the landscapes of Europe (Tuscany-Italy) and 3. the unfolding and understanding of urban details and events (Berlin, Istanbul, Venezia, Cairo, PortSaid) since 2002.

The clarification, the in depth analysis and the in situ research of the fundamental bedrocks of meaning, including the urban and natural landscape, the multi-cultural urban expressions and the co-existence of multiple and collective entities into a constantly changing environment (…standing as the vital properties of a robust regional identity) and, nevertheless, the detection methodologies of the very core of the contemporary urban life, are the tools and the practices used to activate and upload meditation aiming to a profound understanding of these phenomena.

While he is into the experience of a joyrney, but, mainly, during the active periods of the documentation and design collective workshops (such as 1. the summer multi-national workshop of the U.M.AR.-U.I.A. (Union of the Arhitects of the Mediterannean Sea) held in Cairo, 2009, 2. the international workshop in PortSaid and 3. the multi-national workshop in Tuscany-Italy), where he was participate as a director and a scientific researcher are constantly enriched with detailed and penetrating lectures, round table discussions and successive design methodologies sustaining and accelerating vital architectural issues usually standing in the outscirts of the academic discipline.

Since 2000, he is an active teacher at the department of Architecture, the University of Thessaly, teaching and directing: 1. Architectural synthesis 2. Visual Communication (+Culture), 3. Design of small scale spaces and objects at the under-graduate level and 4. ‘’The Art of Observing’’ at the post-graduate programm.

Research interests

Correlations between the urban and the natural at their border lines

Research, Survey and Design of industrial production prototypes  for autonomus collective habitat.

Research and in-situ Understanding of urban functions in contemporary cities.

Scientific interests




0030 24210 74250 / 30082, 0030 6977 257 798

Courses in current academic year

Architectural Design ΙV-VI F: UNDER THE SURFACE (AT A PITCH OF 15°)
Visual Communication (+Culture)
Small Scale Places and Artifacts