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  Tzirtzilakis Yorgos / Professor


2007, Teaching Staff, Master of Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies, Arts and Design Academy NABA, Milan. 


Chapters in edited volumes

“The Pure Products Go Crazy. Why Are Interested in Roma Culture and Settlements?” at Lucy Orta (ed.), Mapping the Invisible. Eu-RomaGypsies, Black Dog Publishing, London 2010.

“Internet suburbia and the bat’ s sonar. Toward a therapeutic architecture”, στοAndreas Angelidakis. Internet Suburbia, DD, Design Document Series, DAMDI Publishing Co., Seoul, 2008.

“Towards a Minor Architecture / Verso un architettura minore”, at Gabi Scardi (επιμ.), Less. Alternative Living Strategies, 5 Continents Editions, PAC, Milan, 2006.

“Il femminile el artistico. Ibridita e deterritorializzazioni”, at Adelina von Fürstenberg (επιμ.), Donna, Donne, Art for The World, Giunti Editore, Firenze, 2005.

“Psicopaesaggi. La psicosi del paesaggio nella cultura greca contemporanea”, στο Bartolomeo Pietromarchi (επιμ.) Il luogo [non] commune. Arte, spazio publico ed estetica urbana in Europa, Fondazione Adriano Olivetti, Actar Editions, Roma, Barcelona, 2005.

“The Installation as a Dwelling Machine. Toward a Post-Planned Condition of the Objects”, at Claudia Zanfi (επιμ.), Going Public 04. Maps, Confines, New Geographies/ Mappe, Confini, Nuove Geografie, Silvana Editoriale, Milan, 2004.

Articles in scientific journals

“Multitecture”, στοJosé Juan Barba, Spiros Papadopoulos (ed.), Metalocus 25+X>10, Galería Raquel Ponce, Madrid.

“Campana Workshop in Athens”, interview from Apostolos Mitsios, Design related site-magazine Yatzer, April 2009:

“Detail Fever”, Metalocus, 21, 2007.

“Topografia social e promiscuidade colaborativa: o temporary autonomous museum for all de Atenas”, Omonografías, Revista de arte y arqitectura, 3, 2005.

  “Athens Olympic Games 2004. In Praise of the Unfinished” (with Stefano Boeri and Hariklia Hari), Domus872, July-August 2004

“The Post-Planning City: An Installation Work? Towards a New Territorial Expressiveness of Art”, Metalocus, 14, 2004

Exhibition catalogues

Eleni Kamma, Once past the years of green emotion, Futura Publishing, Athens 2007

Christiana Soulou, Fractures, DESTE Foundation, Athens, 2007


2009, Matthew Barney, Elizabeth Peyton, Blood of Two, old Hidra slaughterhouse, DESTE, exhibition, consultant

2008, Campana Workshop Athens. Exhibition for the design and models created for the reconstruction of the YES Hotel Athens furniture (ex OlympicPalace), The Albion Gallery, London.

2006, Translation. A Visual Trip Operated and Articulated by M/M with Dakis Ioannou Collection, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, Exhibition, Consultant