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Zissis Kotionis (PhD) is an architect, writer and artist. He is a Professor in the Department of Architecture, University of Thessaly, Greece. He has published twelve books and monographs on architectural theory, urban culture and narrative poetry. His architectural and art projects have been internationally published, awarded and exhibited in Universities, Galleries and Museums. His work includes built and performative architecture, design and art projects, performances, installations and public art practices. In 2010 he has co curated and deigned the Greek National Pavilion in the 12th Biennale of Architecture, Venice (The Ark). Kotionis’ research work in architecture, urban studies and artistic practices include topics on Greek/ Mediterranean landscape, phenomenology, existential topologies, cultural activism, bodily and social artistic practices, public policies, eco-poetics, social housing, sustainable design. His work as researcher and author include many articles in Greek newspapers (“Kathimerini” 1994-2000, “Avgi”, 2015-2020) and magazines (“Greek Architects”) publications in collective books and International Journals (“Thresholds”, MIT). He often participates in international workshops, artistic and architectural events.
Zissis Kotionis is involved in artistic performances, installations and in public art practices. He was founding member of the group Urban Void that introduced performative architecture in urban environments, in the late nineties, in Greece.

Professor, Department of Architecture, University of Thessaly, Greece
09/1989-03/1994 School of Architecture, National Technical University, Athens (NTUA), Greece PhD in Architecture
09/1979-06/1986 School of Architecture, National Technical University, Athens (NTUA), Greece Diploma of Architecture
09/1973-06/1979 Athens College, high school, Greece

-Architectural Design Studio IV-VI D (ΑΣ1504): UFHO-365, Urban Farmhouse 365 Days, Department of Architecture, University of Thessaly, Greece
-Architectural Design III: Public Building: Department of Design and Fine Arts at the School of Engineering of the University of Thessaly (ΑΣ0203), Department of Architecture, University of Thessaly, Greece
-EVERY (DAY) THING: A Workshop for Building Everyday Performative Objects (ΑΣ1302), Department of Architecture, University of Thessaly, Greece
-RESIDENTIAL PRACTICES: Open-air Household (ΑΣ0611), Department of Architecture, University of Thessaly, Greece
-Urban gardening (ΤΕ0501), Department of Architecture, University of Thessaly, Greece
-Urban Agriculture and Modern City (TE0503), University of Thessaly, Greece
-Food Geographies (ΤΕ0504), University of Thessaly, Greece


- Typologies and protocols of amphibious nutrition, "Post-Industrial Design: Design and Artistic Practices for the Production of Everyday Life", Department of Architecture, University of Thessaly, Greece


• Anaximander in Foukousima. Genealogies of Technique, Z. Kotionis, Kastaniotis, ed. Athens, p. 144, 2018, (ISBN13: 9789600362756)
• Multidomes: Multitude, Commons and Architecture, Z. Kotionis, Thessaly University Press, Benaki Museum editions, Athens (in Greek and English), p. 296, 2012, (ISBN: 978-960-9439-09-01)
• Morpho- poetics. Body and Action in Landscape, Z. Kotionis, Thessaly University Press, Volos, p. 176, 2008, (ISBN13: 9789608029576)
• Say, where is Athens? A political topography of modern Athens, Z. Kotionis, Agra editions, Athens, p. 158, 2006, (ISBN13: 9789603256571)
• The Folly of Place (Topos): Architecture in the Greek Landscape, Z. Kotionis, Ekkremes editions, Athens, p. 266, 2004, (ISBN13: 9789607651365)

• 44 Stories of Architecture, Z. Kotionis, Ekkremes editions, Athens, p. 216, 2001, (ISBN13: 9789607651235)
• The Question of Origin in the Work of Dimitris Pikionis, Z. Kotionis, TEE editions, Athens, p. 304, 1998, (ISBN13: 9789607018649)
• Seven Texts for the Building, Z. Kotionis, A. Antonas, Ph. Giannini, M. Kolokythas, Mauro Mouseio ed., Athens, 1987
• Zissis Kotionis, The Architecture of Becoming, Dr. Fabiano Micocci, Edizione Libria, 2020 (a monograph on the work of Zissis Kotionis will be published in Italy in English and Italian)

Editions (Ζ. Kotionis, editor)
• Urban Solidarity Practices, Z. Kotionis, G. Barkouta (editors), Thessaly University Press, Volos, p. 174, 2016, (ISBN: 9789609439459)
• Symbioses, Z. Kotionis, Y. Tzirtzilakis (editors), A book based on the works and writings of the Post Graduate (Master’s) Program on Architectural Design, Dep. of Architecture, University of Thessaly, Kastaniotis ed., Athens, p. 304, 2015, (ISBN: 9789600359664)
• The Ark. Old Seeds for New Cultures, Ph. Giannisi, Z. Kotionis (editors), Thessaly University Press, Greek Ministry of Environment and Climatic Change, (in Greek and English), Athens- Venice, p. 496, 2010, (ISBN: 9789609439046)


• 02/2020, Z. Kotionis, Ph. Giannisi, “Performative Architecture and Care Practices” in the “Critical Care Symposium”, Deutsche Architektur Zentrum, DAZ, Berlin
• 10/2019, Z. Kotionis, “Crocodiles and Lizards, undergraduate projects”, Materiart Symposium,TU Eindhoven
• 04/2109, Z. Kotionis, “Assemblages”, Materiart Conference, Facolta di Architettura, Instituto Politecnico, Lisbon
• 05/2019, Z. Kotionis, “Your Bauhaus” in “Why Bauhaus Today”, Conference, Goethe Institut, TU Crete, Chania,
• 11/2018, Z.Kotionis, “Two Recent Projects: Anaximander in Fukushima and Lithology”, Sophistication Conference, TU Wien
• 10/2018, Z. Kotionis, “Assemblages”, in Citylab 2018, Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens
• 05/2018, Z. Kotionis, “Anaximander in Fukushima”, Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Stuttgart
• 02/2017, Z. Kotionis, “Out There: A review of Architectural Projects and Books 1986-2017” Onasis Library, 02/2017
• 3/2016, Z. Kotionis, “Topopraxies”, Onasis Foundation, SGT, Athens
• 06/2016, Z. Kotionis, “Recent Work”, Department of Architecture. University of Patras

I n the last seventeen years (2002-2020) Z. Kotionis has received eleven (16) prizes and awards and distinctions for his architectural work, including prizes in architectural competitions (8), invitations for participation in international design and art exhibitions (14), invitations as instructor to international workshops (4).
In 2010, Zissis Kotionis and Phoebe Giannisi were commissioned by the Hellenic Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climatic Change to represent Greece at the 12th Architecture Biennale in Venice. Their proposal (The Ark: Old Seeds for New Cultures) was selected by an international committee, among 47 proposals. The exhibition of the Greek Pavilion sparked international interest with high publicity (New York Times, Herald Tribune, Domus Italia, Design Boom etc.)

AWARDS 2014-2020
2018_Z. Kotionis, “Monochord” House in Agria, BigSee The Award for Architecture, South East Europe, 2018
2016_Z. Kotionis, E. Dimitrakopoulou, K. Kritou, N. Platsas, “ROOMS 18” International Architectural Competition, First Mention
2016_Z. Kotionis, “Monochord” House in Agria, Hellenic Institute of Architecture, Award 2016
2014_Z. Kotionis, K. Kritou, N. Platsas, M. Soffas. V. Liri, G. Rimenidis, “Argo Museum, Volos”, International Architectural Completion, Third Prize
2014_Z. Kotionis, I. Baltogiannis, Ph. Giannini, K. Kritou, N. Platsas,” Stair House in Naxos” Greek participation in the International Prize Mies Van Der Rohe for Architecture

Postdocs: One (1), (2017-2019)
PhD: Two (2) PhD Dissertations (2012, 2018), Seven (7) PhD Candidates
Master Students: 75 Master’s Dissertations in Architectural Design (5 Years Program, 300ECTS)
Department of Architecture, University of Thessaly

1. Concept, Establishment, Direction and Teaching in two Master Programs in the Department of
Architecture, University of Thessaly
a. Master’s Program on Architectural Design Thematic title of the Program: “ Architecture,
Design and the City” (2009 2013)
We conceived and introduced this p rogram as the first one in Greek Universities to deal with architectural
design on a higher level after the five year diploma degree on Architecture. We formulate d this intensive
three semeste r program on a perspective to extensively analyz e and interpret in architectu ral terms the
city of Volos as an integral urban entity.
b. Master’s Program on Post Industrial Design (2016 2018 Thematic title of the Program: “
“Post Industrial Design” evolves all artistic and design practices including crafts, traditional techniques,
fabrication, new technologies, and sustaina ble design practices. En title d “ the program focused
on the sea side cultures of the Mediterranean countries and asked for the reconsideration of sustainable
forms of living and everyday practices under the scope of postindustrial design and the production of small
scale artifacts and installations.

2. Formulation of the Course of Study ( organization of the program and establishment of the New Department of Culture and Creative Industries and Media, University of Thessaly (2018-2019 Head of the Department) The first graduate program in Greece on the new subject of Creative Industries was des igned as a program to address the new challenges in the field of culture i ncluding new media art, curating, performative studies, and cultural management


-Research Program: Creative Europe 2020-2024. Title: “Open Up” European multinational group, coordination: Cyprus Source of funding: EU, Leader of Greek participation, University of Thessaly: Prof. Zissis Kotionis

-Protocols of Residency: Documentation, Analysis and Design of the Mobile Household of the Moving Subject. Case Studies in Thessaly”. (2020-2021) Support to Researchers with Accentuation to the Young Source of Funding: Greek Ministry of Education,Head,PI

-“Standardization and Design of the New Bioclimatic Building for Educational and Communal Facilities in the School of Engineering”, (2018-2020) Source of funding: Research Committee, University of Thessaly, Principal Architectural Designer

-“Housing Policies and Dwelling Practices in Conditions of Emergency. The case of Volos,1922-2015”, 2016-2017, Research Center for the Humanities, under the support of John Latsis Public Benefit Foundation, Supervisor

-“The Ark. Old Seeds for New Metropolitan Culture” Greek Participation in the 12th Venice Biennale, (2010-2011), Greek Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climatic Change, PI, Research coordinator

-Detailed Standardization and Design of the New Bioclimatic Building for the Department of Computer and Communication Engineering”(2010-2012), Research Committee, University of Thessaly, Principal Architectural Designer

-Coastline and Sea Front of Volos City. Research and Design for Sustainable Urban Development”(2007), Research Program of the Municipality of Volos, Greece, PI, Research coordinator


• Z. Kotionis, “Amphibian Colonies in Ecsta Sea” ( Installation for the Greek Pavilion at the 14th
International Architecture Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia, 2014 Also exhibited in “Tourism
Landscapes”, Acropolis Museum, Athens, 2015 in “Tourism Landscapes Remaking Greece edited by
Prof Y a nnis Aesopos, 2015) Consultant on energy planning issues: Prof. Aris Tsa ng r assoulis. A floating
colony of fifty living units is being submersed (an d recollected) by an open ferry boat that functions as
the common space for a hundred amphibian dwellers (“ in reference to Donna Haraway’s
term “ An old ferry carries the flotilla to distant shores and the “ are challenged t o
co exist on the surface of the “sea ground“ in an ascetic and hedonistic, te chno/natural and ecstatic
mode. The environmental footprint of the installation is reduced to the minimum level.
• Z. Kotionis, Ph. Giannisi “ Culture Calling” ( A “pr ototype” in the “Care and Repair”
project, Vienna Biennale collaboration: Martin Riesing Vienna 2017 (Vienna Biennale Exhibition:
Architektur Zentrum, Vienna, 2018 2019 Exhibition: Deutsche Architektur Zentrum ( Berlin, 2020
“Nature Culture Calling“ is a “ installation. It transforms the abandoned electrical pylons of
an abandoned train station (Nordbahnhof Vienna) to bird nests on the top and sitting places on the
ground. Video: 0Q
• Z. Kotionis, “Monochord House” in Volos, Greece, ( Hellenic Institute of Architecture Award 2017
BIgSee Awards Award for Architecture in South East Europe, Ljubljana, 2018, The question both for the
architectural object and the living subject is: How to reconsider the household in terms of a “trans local”
approach to materiality and living protocols.
• Z. Kotionis, “Domestic Assemblage” DO_AS, Athens ( a.antonopoulou. art Gallery, solo exhibition, Athens
2017, collaborator: Efthymia Dimitrakopoulou Do_as is a series of furniture prototypes created
by gathering and assembling different elements of wood and reusing domestic material under a light
iron support system. The design methodology is open to infinitive variations leading to ne w forms of
eco furniture for interior and open air domestic spaces.
• Z. Kotionis, “HOT_ (2017 18) In the project Tommorows Urban Fictions for Possible Futures”,
Diplareios, SGT, Athens 2017, Le Lieu Unique, Nantes, France 2018. C ollaborator Efthymia
Dimitrakopoulou The exhibition presents utopian and dystopian scenarios, where the future becomes a
tool of understanding present itself. Under the term Hot_Camp a program is introduced for a prototype
for collective living and workin g in the margins or in between cities. It takes the form of an urban block
that hosts urban life and farming activities. It intends to provide a spatial and performative condition
under which suburban life melts into rural life and vice versa. Video:
• Z. Kotionis, “Mediterranean Camp”, CAMP_ MED 2017) In Terra M e diterranea_ In Action An
exhibition about the liquid continent Leipzig, Centre for Contemporary Art, 2016, NiMAC Nicosia
Municipal Arts Centre, 2017 The exhibition looked from an artistic perspective at the Mediterranean
and the effects of the worsening crises there. In the project Kotionis introduced the assemblage method
combining elements from the rural and postindustrial landscapes in contemporary Greece.
• Z. Kotionis, Ph. Giannisi, “ a Plate for All” “ Bauhaus Dessau, 2016) The
«Kernos» project exemplifies the planetary food economics, the sc arcity of global resources and the
distribution of food. Kernos is a prototype for the table as a common plate and asks for the
reconsideration of eating practices as habits and cultural clich é s
• Z. Kotionis, “Anaximander in Foukousima. Genealogies of Technique” ( Solo exhibition at the
Benaki Museum Athens, and a monograph (Kastaniotis Editions 2018) A three year research on the
cosmological models of the Presocratic Philosophers and their relation to the configuration of the world
as a technical construction, in western culture. A comparative research on the typologies of technical
apparatus lead to the formation of a genealogical corpus on the notion of the Ant h ropo cene. Video TU
Wien, 2018:
• Z. Kotionis, «Multidomes, Multitude, Commons and Architecture», Athens 2012) The project, sho wn
in a solo exhibition, held at the Benaki Museum, Athen s presents the outcome of a three year research
on alternative forms of housing. The research project is presented b y the homonymous book/catalo g
The exhibition gained a widespread publicity in Gree ce and was widely covered by the press and
electronic media. Book printe d by Benaki Museum and University of Thessaly Press, 2012
• Z. Kotionis, Autonomous Living Unit ( Athens, City Museum of Athens, Gazi, 2011) In the
energy and nutrient cycle of inhabitation, the living body is a byproduct of the process of social
metabolism. AMOK module is a prototype, both symbolic and pragmatic, dealing with empty or
unplugged interior urban spaces in a state of emergency.
• Z. K otionis, P. Giannisi, In Vino Veritas. Dionysus’ Tub”, Plato’s Academy, Athens 2011) Under the
commission of the National Museum of Contemporary Art ( and the municipality of Athens a
performance of public speech (oral poetry) and traditional wine pressing took place in Plato’s Academy,
central Athens A theoretical research on the relation between public space, public speech and the rise of
ancient Gree k drama was the basis of the project. The aim was to integrate public art and cultural
practices with everyday urban living in a multi cultural, metropolitan urban scape Video commissioned
by Guggenheim Museum, New York,
• Z. Kotionis, Ph. Giannisi (National commissioners, curators, designers) “The Ark. Old Seeds for New
Metropolitan Cultures» ( Greek Participation: 12th International Architecture Exhibition La
Biennale di Vene z i a. (Greek Pavilion) The exhibition is the outcome of an intense one year
interdisciplinary research on the threefold: biodiversity, agricultural ( landscape and architecture.
New digital technologies rise the opportun ity for a new kind of regional/ metropolitan inhabitation. The
project explores the interdisciplinary theo retical aspects of new regional inhabitation and ways to
influence design thinking and the formation of architectural prototypes.

Administrative Posts

2013 - 2018: Director of the “Laboratory of History, Theory and Conceptual Design”, UTH 
2015 - 2017: Founder and Director of the Masters Pogram “Post Industrial Design (PID)_ Amphibia” 
2009 - 2014: Dean of the School of Engineering, UTH 
2009 - 2013: Founder and Director of the Masters Program “Architectural Design_ Symbioses” 
2010 - 2012: Head of Dpt. of Architecture, UTH 
2008 - 2010: Head of Dpt. of Architecture, UTH 
2018 - : Head of the New “Department of Culture, Creative Media and Industries”, School of Humanities, UTH  


Courses in current academic year

Architectural Design VII: What if water gained citizenship?
Architectural Design ΙV-VI D: Urban Farm House 365 Days
Urban Vegetation
Urban Agriculture and Contemporary City
Food Geography
EVERY (day) THING: A Workshop for Building Everyday Living Objects
Residential Practices: "EVERY MEDEA"