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  Psychoulis Alexandros / Professor


Alexandros Psychoulis was born in Volos in 1966 and has studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts. His first works are interactive installations, which are activated by the spectator and explore his subconscious, by decodifying his fears, desires or memories in images and sounds. The exploration of the virtual reality’s territory has been up until now the central drift of his work, which is consisted by installations, animation and painting. In 1997, he has been awarded the Benesse Prize for his work “Black Box”, with which he participated in the 47th Venice Biennial.

He has presented many solo exhibitions such us: The room,, Athens (2009), Mammals, Zina Athanassiadou, Thessaloniki (2005), Body Milk,, Athens (2003), Speak about your life in materials with no memory, Lionheart, Boston (1999), There’s no place far enough for you to escape from images and the pain they caused you, Deitch Projects, New York (1998).

Research interests

Αrt & Τechnology

Courses in current academic year

Visual Arts I
Picture - Sound - Multimedia
The mechanism of the dream
Art and Contemporary Technology



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2018, The Ruralists, γκαλερί, Athens

2017, Back to basics:Text, γκαλερίΕΝΙΑ, Αθήνα

2017, Antiquidia,  gallery, Athens

2017, ADIDORON, Documenta14, Fridericianum, Kasel

2017, The3WBiennial, Athens

2017, New Projects, EMST, Athens

2016, MANIFESTO of happiness, solo exhibition, "δ"gallery, Volos

2016,  Geni Losi, Petersburg, Russia

2016, CHAPTER II, CASK gallery, Larissa, Greece

2016, Relatives diversities, "δ" gallery, Volos, Greece

2016, 33 Years! Zina Athanassiadou  gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece

2016, Collective dizziness Protocol, Zina Athanassiadou gallery, Thessaloniki

2015,  COMPASSIONonthephenomenologyofbeingill, KunstquartierBethanien, Berlin

2015, KENOPHOBIA, CAN Christina Androulidaki gallery, Athens 

2015, RenaissanceStories, Athen's Festival, Pereos 260, Athens, NEON  IMG_0401.JPG

2015 - 2016, Goethe's Dream,  Goethe Institute, Thessaloniki, Greece

2014, Cascando, Gallery KASK, Λάρισα

2014, PLOES XX/ Living real, Kydonieon’s Foundation, Andros

2014,  Staging the domestic, The Hospital Club, London, curated by Anna Chatzinassiou

2014, The Symptom project, Old Hospital, Amfissa

2014, “FOR WE CAN NEVER TALK SERIOUSLY (The Girl’s School of Volos)”,, Athens

2013, Ιrrational narratives,  AD gallery, Athens  mother54x90cm.jpg

2013, A great deal of questions without any answer,, ReMap4, Athens

2013, C.P. Cavafy PAINTED, B & M Theocharakis Foundation, Athens 

2013, Medium as Narrative, CAMP,Athens

2013, «Ghetto Palm», Salon de bricolage, Athens (Solo exhibition)  Libeseed70x100cm.png


2012, "APHRODITE 2012: sacred and profane purifications". Bath-House of the Winds - department of MGFA, Plaka, Athens

2012, «God’s Nails»,, Athens

2011, THE LUMINOUS INTERVAL,Guggenheim Bilbao

2011, «AlienSpecies», DiatoposGallery, Nicosia  Deluxe92x70.jpg

2006, “Me vima Argo” , Animation Graphics for a dance performance directed by Apostolia Papadamaki,  Volos

2005, 2005         BIDA Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki

2000,  «Mediterranean Desert», Concerto for Piano, Harpsichord & Video, Music by Giorgos Koumendakis, Piano & Harpsichord Maria Metaxaki. Hellenic Center London, Hellenic American Union, Athens

1998,  «Two street stories», Video, duration 7,25', in cooperation with group of dance artists «Sine qua non», Open Theater, Athens

1992, «6th Biennale of Mediterranean Young Artists», Valencia, Spain

2017 - 2020, Teaching in the Postgraduate program "Post-industrial design"

2014, Eudemonia, Workshop, S. Nikolas monastery, Paou, Argalasti Pelion

2013, Metabolisms, Paw Pelion architecture workshop

2013,  M.U.S.H.ROOMS workshop, for the Food and the Architecture. Benaki Museum, Athens.

2011, TheFalseProject, Workshop,SPIDER, Michalis Kakogiannis Foundation, Athens. Curetting in collaboration with Giannis Arvanitis. 

2008,  8TH HELLENIC FASHION WEEK/ Art & Fashion Workshops.(Curatting). HellenicFashionWeek, Technopolis, Athens 

2008, TerritualPAOU, Workshop(Curatting).Argalasti, Pilio, Greece

2001, "Fax-Fatal" Workshop, Ecole Superieure D/Art Perpignan, France 



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Chapters in edited volumes

2015, Alexandros Psychoulis, "The building as a meal", SYMBIOSES, ISBN:978-960-035966-4, pp: 66-69

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Conference proceedings

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Exhibition catalogues

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2020, The garden that nurtured German Romanticism, "δ" gallery, Volos. Solo exhibition

2020, (Α,Ψ),(Γ,Τ),(Η,Π),  CASK gallery, Larissa

2020, Summer breeze,, Athens

2019, "Let’s Supper Mr. Iolas- Resurrection", Iolas House, Αθήνα

2019,   Places of creation, tribute to Metsovo, Averoff Gallery, Metsovo

2019, Black & Blue, Fougaro, Nafplio

2019, The Swamp, CASK gallery, Larissa . Solo exhibition

2018, "Congenital differences", "δ" gallery, Volos

2016, MANFESTO OF HAPINEESS, solo exhibition CASK gallery, Larissa, Greece

2016,  Geni Losi, Petersburg, Russia

2016, Collective dizziness Protocol, Zina Athanassiadou gallery, Thessaloniki

2014, Ιrrational narratives,  AD gallery, Athens

2014, “FOR WE CAN NEVER TALK SERIOUSLY (The Girl’s School of Volos)”,, Athens

2013, A great deal of questions without any answer,, ReMap4,

2013,  C.P. Cavafy PAINTED, B & M Theocharakis Foundation, Athens

2013, Medium as Narrative, CAMP,Athens

2013, «Ghetto Palm», Salon de bricolage, Athens (Solo exhibition)

2011, AlienSpecies, DiatoposGallery, Nicosia, (solo exhibition)

2011, Little gardens of happiness, TAF, Athens

2011, On the Balcony, REMAP 3, Athens

2011, THE LUMINOUS INTERVAL,Guggenheim Bilbao

2010, Ailanthus Altissima, Zina Athanassiadou Gallery, Thessaloniki (solo exhibition)

2010,  BYOBKunsthalle Athena

2010, THE ARK,Old seeds for new cultures, Pavillion of Greece, 12th Biennale International Architecture Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia

2010, Oasis, Skyronio Museum Polychronopoulos, Attica

2010, Mixed & Mastered, Centre for Visual Introspection, Bucharest

2010, Space is the place, About, Athens

2010, Celebration, Alex Myxlona Museum, Macedonian Museumof Contemporary Art, Athens

2010, Belle Vu, Gallery Ileana Tounta, Athens

2009, The Room/ Fragility makesme special,, Athens (solo exhibition)

2009, Expanded Ecologies/ Perespectives in a Time of Emergency, National Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST), Athens, Greece

2009, Smoke, REMAP 2, Iassonos Str. 47, Athens

2009, EUROMA, “CINE-ROM”- Aliveri, Volos, Grecce

2008, Transexperiences, Greece 2008», 798 Space, Beijing

2008,   Exploring cultural means to combat global homogenization, Foukoutake Hall, Tokyo University, Japan

2008, Games with out frontiers, Zouboulakis Gallery, Athens

2007, Tags, Porfirogenio Foundation, Agria, Volos (solo exhibition)

2007, Ιn the present tense, National Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST), Athens, Greece

2007, Virginia, Old Tobacco House, Volos

2006, MASQUERADES/ femininity, masculinity and other certainties, State Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessalonikι

2006, ON: THE CONTEMPORARY AND THE MODERN IN EUROPEAN AND JAPANESE CULTURE, Tokyo,Shizuoka Performing Arts, Thetre (S.P.A.C.)                

2006, Dialogues, Macedonian Museumof Contemporary Art

2006, What remains is future, Arssakeio, Patra

2006, An outing, Leonidas Beltsios Collection, Milos, Trikala

2006, Tattoo My Art,, Athens

2006, Positive Charge, State Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessalonikι

2006, PSYCOOGLEARTH/ shallows nest maker,, Athens (Solo exhibition)

2005, BIDAMacedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki

2005, Dreamscapes,”De Chirico” Art Centre, Volos

2005, Going Public’ 05/ communites & territories, Larissa Contemporary Art Centre,Larissa

2005, Old People’s home, Historical Archives - Museum Hydra, Hydra

2005, Lost in Translation, Hellenic American Union

2005, Visions, AthensImperial Hotel, Athens

2004, 38th Parallel – the Horizon, Skironio Museum Polychronopoulos, Attica

2004, The Sneeze 80x80, Gazon Rouge, Athens

2004, Body Works, Art Center of Municipality of Nicosia, Cyprus

2004, Athina: Metropolis by mistake, Bios, Athens

2004, BREAKTHROUGH!, Greece 2004, Contemporary Perspectives in the Visual Arts, Alcala, Madrid

2003, Bureaucracy Home Office of Greece, Athens

2003, ϋber MENSCHEN, ACC Gallery, Weimar/Germany, Church S. Paolo, Modena – Civica Gallery, Sassuolo, Italy

2003, Quite almost RADAR, “Lab” Gallery, Athens

2003, Free Transit(?), Zappion Megaron, For the Hellenic Presidency of the EU, Athens

2003, GreeceNow, Room#1107, New York, curator Dimitrios Antonistsis

2003, MacedonianMuseum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki

2002, Digi 01, Digital Art Festival, Epi Kolono, Athens

2002, Sketching out Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday, E. Averoff Museum, Metsovo

1992,  «6th Biennale of Mediterranean Young Artists», Valencia, Spain

2005, Art Athina 2 EMΣΤ award, «Art Athina» Contemporary  Art Fair

1997, Benesse Prize, 47th Biennale di Venezia, 1997 for the Interactive installation Black Box