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Kostas Manolidis (Veria, 1965) is an architect and professor in architectural design. He graduated from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and received the M.Arch degree from Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc). He worked at Neil Denari's office at Los Angeles. Later he set up his own practice at Thessaloniki where he has worked extensively in private and public architecture assignments as well as in landscape design projects. He lives in Volos since 2006.

His academic interests focus on the landscapes of the Greek periphery and the materiality of architecture. He is co-editor of the books “Beautiful, Awful and Austere Landscape: Readings and Perspectives on the Landscape in Greece”, “Representation as a Vehicle of Architectural Thought” and “The Claim of the Outdoors”. His new book is "Edafologio. Texts on architectural matter".



+30 24210 74267

Architectural work

2020, Contours of collapse. Design research

2019, "Syllables of a myth." A monument for Jason at Volos. (with Theoklis Kanarelis)

2019, "Bleeding Shapes". A waterside route at Veria, Greece. Design research

2018, Finalist at the international competition KAIRA LOORO Cultural Center (assistants: Anastasia Bompou, Aikaterini-Eirini Koliamitra)

2017, MARKETPLACE, A new facility for organic farmers market at Volos, Greece. Design research

2016, Participation in "Kastraki Park at Piraeus" Architectural Competition  Kastraki%20Manolidis%202016.jpg

2016, Participation in  TOKYO VERTICAL CEMETERY International Architectural Competition

2015, Participation in  "Bologna Shoah Memorial" International Architectural Competition

2015, A study in erosion. Personal research project

2014, 3rd Prize at the architectural competition "Museum for Argo at Volos"

2014, Remodeling of Nursery School yard at Volos  11o%20Nipiagogeio%20Volou.%20Manolidis.jpg

2014, "Memory Platform", a WWII memorial at Ano Kerasia, Pelion mountain (personal research proposal).

2012, Entry in  "Buenos Aires New Contemporary Art Museum" International Architectural Competition

2012, Participation in "Archaeological Museum and waterfront redesigh at Piraeus" International Architectural Competition. In collaboration with K. Adamakis. E. Apostolou, Th. Kanarelis, E. Mpoumpari, D. Filippitzis.  OLP%20competition%20concept.jpg

2011, Participation in "New York City AIDS Memorial Park" International Architectural Competition  KM_AIDS%20memorial%20park.jpg

2011, Renovation for the Anavros Park at Volos, Personal research proposal.  Kostas%20Manolidis_Anavros%20Park-master%20plan%20detail.jpg

2011, Redesign of Panepistimiou Square at Volos. (with K. Adamakis, Th. Kanarelis, Z. Kotionis)

2010, "Monument for Volos Earthquake", personal research proposal.

2010, Participation in  "Piraeus Tower 2010: changing the facade" International Architectural Competition


2010, "Land of becoming. Formations of cultivated land" exhibition included in the Greek participation at the "12th Mostra Internazionale di Architettura - Biennale di Venezia". Curators: Zisis Kotionis, Phoebe Giannisi.

Courses in current academic year

Architecture Design Studio I: The house
Architectural Design III-V IB: Boundaries
Architectural Design ΙV-VI Ε
Materializations: Studies in architectural materiality


Monographs-Books [1]

EDAFOLOGIO, texts on architectural matter, Nisos Publications, Athens 2017 cover.pdf

Chapters in edited volumes [6]

Manolidis Κ. (2016) Suppositions for the urban facilities of the new social endeavors, at Kotionis Z, Barcouta J. (eds) Practices of urban solidarity, University of Thessaly Press, Volos 2016.

Manolidis K. (2012) Revitalizing the shores of Lake Karla, στο L. Papadopoulos, S. Papadopoulos, V. Trova (eds.) CHANGING LANDSCAPES. Mediterranean sensitive areas design, University of Thessaly Press, Volos 2012, σσ. 112-113

Μanolidis Κ. (2011) The Karditsa plain and the sublimity of level land, at Hatzimichalis, K. (ed) Contemporary Greek Landscapes, A geographical approach from above, MELISSA Publications, Athens, pp. 110-113

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Μanolidis Κ., Kalogirou N. (2008), Redesign of Orologiou Square, στοvan Uffelen, Chris, (ed.), 1000x Landscape Architecture,Verlagshaus Braun, Berlin, 2008, p 662

Articles in scientific journals [5]

Μanolidis Κ. (2020). "Defaced land. Reading the marks of a social obsession", THE URBAN TRANSCRIPTS JOURNAL, volume 3, no 3, Autumn 2020

Manolidis, Κ. (2020), "The idealization of landscape. Comments on the landscape photography in Greece", GEOGRAPHIES, a biannual review of spatial issues, No 36, pp. 94-97.

Manolidis, K. (2014), Urban space in crisis turmoil, GEOGRAPHIES, a biannual review of spatial issues, No 24, Autumn 2014, pp. 12-15. (introduction and special tribute editing)

Μanolidis Κ. (2014). "Ground fragments. Land of becoming", T3XTURE Archizine, no 1, 2014, USA pp 10-19!t3xture-no1/ccuh

Μanolidis Κ. (2009). "Parque fluvial en Veria. Grecia", PAISEA., Landscape Architecture Review, vol. 08, March 2009, Spain pp 66-69

Conference proceedings [2]

Manolidis K. (2016), The future perfect of the material, at Remy N. & Tixier N. (edit.), Ambiances tomorrow, Ambiances demain, Ατμόσφαιρες Αύριο, Vol. 2, AMBIANCES and University of Thessaly, Volos, pp.799-804

Manolidis K. (2015), Design and de-familiarization, at Lada, S. (ed), Dwelling: Design, Construct, Think. Texts on teaching and designing of the house. UNIVERSITY STUDIO PRESS, Thessaloniki, pp.270-273

Exhibition catalogues [1]

Μanolidis Κ., Αpostolou Ε. (2017) Museum for Argo, DOMES architectural yearbook, pp. 162-163

Others [5]

Manolidis Κ., (2021), “Urban decoration and the politics of phantasmagoria”, ΕΠΟΧΗ (newspaper), 15/5/2021, 1540

Μanolidis Κ., (2021), “The dissolving architect", article at the online journal ARCETYPE, 02/08/2021

Manolidis Κ., (2018), “Volos and the obsession for decorating”, ΘΕΣΣΑΛΙΑ (newspaper), 22/2/2018

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Manolidis, K. (2014), "Changes and re-significations of space in Greek Crisis", GEOGRAPHIES, a biannual review of spatial issues, No 23, pp. 85-88.


2023,  "Walking on petrified water", WAC International Encounters / Conference, Prespes, July 2023

2020,  "PUBLIC SPACE AND PANDEMY. The case of Volos" meeting, 25/5/2020  %CE%A0%CE%B1%CE%BD%CE%B4%CE%B7%CE%BC%CE%AF%CE%B1%20%CE%BA%CE%B1%CE%B9%20%CE%94%CE%B7%CE%BC%CF%8C%CF%

2018,  "The dissolution of the architect", The mystery of the integral form, University of Thessaly, Volos

2015,  "Spatial matrices for collective experiences". Practices of metropolitan solidarity Symposium, University of Thessaly, Volos 22 May 2015

2014,  "Rocky facades. Applications and meanings of rough materiality". 2nd Nationan Conference on the History of Structures, Democritus University of Thrace, Xanthi 3-5 December 2014

2013,  Coordinator of the organization, programme and proceedings for the 3-day Conference on “Transformations of space and its meaning in Greece amid crisis", University of Thessaly, Volos, November 1-3 2013

2012,  "Satellite ichnography. A research on rural landscape". 3rd Urban and Land Planning Conference, University of Thessaly, Volos September 2012.

2011,  "Designing and defamiliarization", Dwelling: Design-Construct-Think Symposium, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, February 2011

2011,  "The end of building rush and the opportunity of architecture", 11th Hellenic Architecture Conference, Union of Greek Architects, Athens March 2011

2011"Obscure patterns. Abandoned agricultural landscapes in Greece", International Conference "Environment, Landscape, European Identity”, University of Bucharest, Bucharest, November 2011.

2010"Lines on the hills. Reading the marks of  a social obsession". International Conference "Emerging Landscapes. Between production and representation”, University of Westminster, London, June 2010.

Academic lectures

2021,  "Grounded" lecture at Cornell University, Landscape Architecture Department 19/04/2021

2020,  "BROKEN THINGS. Architectural works",  Lecture at the School of Architecture, Polytechnic University of Crete, Chania, 19/2/2020

2019,  "AGRARIAN LANDSCAPES, GROUND PATTERNS AND ARCHITECTURAL CONCEPTS" lecture at the University of Catania school of Architecture (Siracusa, 1/4/2019)

2015Landscape and the fragmentation of ground: lecture at the "INVESTIGATING RURAL LANDSCAPES" architectural workshop, Volos, Paou monastery, 30 June 2015


2014, MOVING MOUNTAINS: STUDIES IN PLACE, SOCIETY AND CULTURAL REPRESENTATION, (curated by Christos Kakalis, Emily Goetsch) Tent Gallery, Edinburgh, June 2014.  Participation with the land art project "Memory Platform".

2013, THE ONEIRIC GEOGRAPHY OF THE GROUND, exhibition of pen drawings, Volos, Harta gallery, February 2013. Poster_Oneiric_Ground.jpg

Public lectures

2018,  "Folk art and our encounter with the world through things", lecture for the "Academy for folk culture and local history" at Volos, 26/2/2018.