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ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN III-V D: Digital/Analogue Library in Helsinki
Design Studio Required Elective at semester(s) 5, 7, ECTS: 12



The educational intention of this design workshop is to navigate students to explore, to manipulate and thoroughly represent a critical proposal based on the multiple poly-programmatic properties of a Digital-Analogue multi-spatial/function Library*. Students have to explore and understand the nature of a multi-functional and complex behavior building and its correlation with the inner and exterior city functions. In addition, a major cognitional area forming this educational tusk is to explore and produce a concept result about a building integrating with the information technology, the complex and consecutive functions of people constantly occupying and using all networks of internal spaces, the zero energy consumption possibility that might lead to a possible setting of the building underground. The exploration of a matrix of function free and function full oriented spaces together with the research of a poly-programmatic use of the roof-top level (either at a high up level or to the natural surface) conclude the study demands. 

Library : A term obeying to the core concept meaning of a place and a space receiving knowledge and the inter-change of stochastic and vocabulary (social) relations.