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Workshops at semester(s) 8, ECTS: 2



The main objective of the workshop is to equip students with the knowledge of physical computing utilizing the Arduino platform. The direction of the workshop is towards designing and building a work of art.


Aim of this course, is to obtain students, a solid understanding of interactive technologies and reframe the design methodology with innovative tools and emerging mediums. The students are able to work on their own physical computing project. The development procedure focuses on an educational method capable to approach the design issues in all steps, from concept and manuscripts to realization. Major issue is to apply an educational method that transfers to the students the basic knowledge of electronic circuits and Do-it-yourself projects (DIY) methodology, in order to develop a fully functional project, augmenting architectural, spatial and object design with physical data.   Physical computing became the area of prototyping models using the open electronic platform Arduino. The students' projects are the motive to enable their efforts for developing proper interfaces for their interactive concepts. This educational and research process wishes to provide: a) a comprehensive glossary for the students of architecture and for the architects, b) a content(ed) ark for users, and c) a next generation eventful playground (platform) for the society.