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Elective at semester(s) 6, 8, ECTS: 3



Greek scenic landscape is up for grabs. As tourism becomes the single most important export industry in a practically bankrupt country, the pressure for development of tourism infrastructure becomes hotly intense. The title’s ‘Paradise’ element draws on the brilliant invention of a small literary group, the ‘30’s generation’, that is until today at the core of both Greece’s tourist appeal as well as its national self-identification. ‘Super’ on the other hand, the need to ever-augment this image, to shelter even more and more spendthrift tourists, calls attention to the finite nature of the landscape stock that is being bartered. Edmund Keely’s ‘Inventing Paradise’ account of the 30’s generation and the plausible hypothesis that that the strained landscape economy is reaching its breaking point, constitute the theoretical background of the seminar that aims to explore this growth dilemma by means of devising hypothetical ‘super paradise’ projects and manifestos.