Arch.Uth Postgraduate Course Postgraduate Course Postgraduate Course Postgraduate Course Arch.Uth Ελληνικά
Elective at semester(s) 6, 8, ECTS: 3
Taught in: Greek, Not available to ERASMUS students



The Aim of the lesson is the study of materials and construction materials used in architecture through the experimentation of the construction of prototypes in scale 1:1.


For the academic year 2013-2014, the material studied belongs to the Ultra High Performance Concrete family (for example DUCTAL@ Lafarge).

The course is organised in 4 periods :

  • Lectures on the UHPC performances and the ways that they have been used all around the word by several architects and engineers.
  • Prototype desgin : students will be asked to design a project using this material exploring all its dimensions : mecanicals, functionnals, estheticals and symbolicals ones.
  • construction of the prototype : students will experiment material by building a prototype of their design project using the UHPC (small-scale object like panels, cubes seats, etc).
  • Evaluation of the prototype: finally, the prototypes will be evaluated by the students themselves depending on their initial assumptions.


Students will be evaluated on 2 works

  • one personnal that will focus on one project using UHPC. They will present it and discuss it in front of the classe room.
  • one by group that is the design and small scale building project.