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ΑΣΟ207 ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN (Obligatory - 9 semester, ECTS: 12)



The research dedication of the participants in the utmost provocative and difficult issue of the contemporary Greek capital which is additionally characterized nowadays by some symbolic dynamic, constituting at the same time symbol of the worldwide economic crisis.


The project about Athens, for a second academic year, will attempt to reconsider and design the centre of contemporary Athens under the crisis circumstances. The latter finds Greece and Athens in a threshold of a worldwide crisis. An exemplary moment, as well as an exemplary place for the crisis or in other words, for the crisis of the neoliberal model, is acted on the more impotent ring of the European communion. Athens as a field of urban space production is currently on an ‘advantageous’ position and this particular project participates in this study and design, being the internal part of the crisis, parallel to communicating with both international, research and academic interest.