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ΗΥ0211 DIGITAL MEDIA & COMPUTING (Obligatory - 2 semester, ECTS: 4)



This course explores the use of computer-aided design systems (CAD) in architectural practice from the conception of a design theme to its completion and presentation, aiming at the understanding of the principles on which the use of computers in digital design is based and at the expansion of the critical capacity of the architect who acquires a new tool.


The main software used in the course is AutoCAD but there is criticism and analysis of other software which range from drafting to design and presentation (Revit, Architectural Desktop, Archicad, Illustrator).

The exercises include the survey and depiction of an existing space with different methods in three dimensions and also the presentation of the designs in a composition/plate, where the students must try to formulate a personal language which is not controlled by tools, but attempts to transcend them with a critical and creative use.