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Obligatory, Semester 5, ECTS: 4



The objective of the course is for the students to comprehend the new digital reality and creative possibilities which open up within the field of design.


The term “multimedia” was first used to define the capability of computers to process various types of data such as pictures, sounds, video, text etc. in a uniform environment. The course focuses on this combined use of digitized data to explain both the  methods used to create  interactive mechanisms and the forms of space representation,  by presenting examples of the creation of hybrid environments of an artistic character. During an initial stage, the students are asked to process representations from their personal space with the intention of producing a “creative self-portrait” using exclusively digital data. At the same time, it is required for this project to use non-linear narration systems. In this way, the students are introduced to the importance of links which are characteristic for multimedia. The final product of this project comes in the form of an interactive web page, which will be the basis for each student's personal web page on the university web site.


The next stage of the course is the creation of an installation using multimedia. More specifically, the design of an environment whose main characteristics will be controlled or activated with the use of digital technology. Digital picture, video, sound, projections, lighting are used, and the students process them with specialized software. The relationship between real space and the immaterial form of the digital world are examined and the possibilities of their coexistence, as well as the impact of the use of new technologies on the environment design procedure are revealed.