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ΑΣΟ305 ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN (Required Elective - 7 semester, ECTS: 4)



The education of architects to comprehendand remodel a landscape is a complex and demanding undertaking.
This design studio, having an introductory character in landscape issues, aims at familiarizing students with the particularities of the field but mostly with the search for an ethic position in dealing with nature and memory.
Focusing its research on various locations of Thessaly, the course attempts to approach, read and translate signs and findings from the rural and urban reality. Students are encouraged to intuitively trace the materials and qualities of a site in order to acknowledge its identity attributes and their cultural determinations.
The design assignment results in small landscape interventions and new ground configurations that will ascribe new potential to the meanings and memories of a place.
A critical part of this process is the material elaboration of the proposals and the use of appropriate representational techniques that will render the look and the ambiance of the new landscapes.