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ΕΠΕΑΕΚ2 THEORY AND CRITICISM (other Department's Elective at semester(s) 8, ECTS: 3)



The objective of this course is to provide the students with basic knowledge on the development of successful and complete business plans.


Content: the course, indicatively, will focus on questions that concern: Exploration of business opportunities, definition of the needs of users (market research), development of business plans, investment assessment and planning, financing of start-ups (venture capital, business angels etc), management of brand names and trademarks, development of business collaborations.

During the course:

  • The students will visit 1-2 enterprises related to their object of study and their interests,
  • lectures from business owners and executives will take place
  • teams of 4-7 students will be formed in order to develop business plans, with the advisory guidance and support of members of the entrepreneurial community


Group project