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ΘΚ0304 THEORY AND CRITICISM (Obligatory - 5 semester, ECTS: 4)



 This course is a continuation of the course on European and American architecture of the 19th-20th century and presents, through a similar thematic approach and methodology, the perception of the different architectural styles in Greece, with emphasis on the political and social dimension of the City and  its Architecture.


 Main themes:

1. Athenian classicism

2.The  modernization of Thesaloniki under the Ottoman Rule.

3. The modern movement. School architecture and refugee settlements.

4. Αpartment buildings in Athens

5.The movement  Βack to the  roots  as a Greek version of Regionalism.

6. H. Hebrard and the reconstruction of Thessaloniki after the fire of 1917.

7. Italian architecture in the Dodecanese.

8. Μodern Classicism.

9. The Marshal Plan and the reconstruction  after World War II.

10. Ρostwar modernism and the concept of  Greekness.

11. A. Konstantinidis and D. Pikionis

12. The postwar city and the mechanisms of the production of urban space


The course conforms to/covers the paragraphs β, ε, στ of the article 48 of the Εuropean Directive, on the exercise of the professional activities of the Architects.


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