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ΑΣ0316 ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN (Required Elective - 8 semester, ECTS: 4)



Practice expertise in contemporary aspects of folding in architecture. The methodology of the educational project interweaves thematic research in: 

  • Origami
  • Papyroplastics
  • Folded plate and deployable structures
  • Single surface architecture
  • Advanced architectural geometry


The objective of the studio is the design of an architectural shell that explores the condition of pliability in terms of morphology and performance, demonstrating flexibility, diversity, and integration of heterogeneous components in a continuous system. The architectural ontology of the assignment responds to recent endorsements of the model of single surface and includes disciplined morphogenetic experiments with material and digital media.


In the final score will be taken into account: the quality and completeness of the individual proposal (75 %), integration of the 5 thematic exercises (25 %).


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folding, origami, single surface, parametric design