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ΘΚ0309 THEORY AND CRITICISM (Elective at semester(s) 5, 7, 9, ECTS: 3)




Within the aim of this course is the detailed study of a city block from the town of Volos, in order to familiarize the students with the methodologies of survey and research, and, in particular, with the conditions and requirements for the integration of new buildings within the existing architectural context.

 The record keeping for each building, will include site plan, photos of the present condition, date of construction, name of architect or engineer, construction materials, typological and morphological analysis, conservation status and a proposal on the degree of preservation, for the case of an eventual restitution of form, reconstruction, re-use or integration.

 The exercise includes a design proposal to improve the current situation: removal of incompatible additions, opportunities to restore the original/initial condition, painting, re-arrangement of inner free spaces, possibilities of a height extension, where justifiable, and finally, an "attempt" to fill an empty space in the block with new construction.The course elaborates on the theoretical knowledge gained by students from the course "Greek Architecture of the 20th century and contribute to the integration of contemporary architecture in the cityscape, formed during the last 2 centuries.