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ΠΧ0102 URBAN DESIGN AND PLANNING (Obligatory - 6 semester, ECTS: 4)



The course focuses on the tools of urban design (urban functions and activities, transportation, infrastructure, public and private space, urban block, parks and green spaces, etc) within a framework which argues for the double character of the contemporary city, (local and global). The question of urban identity and the role of urban design in establishing or reinforcing an urban identity is the main idea of the course. This seems to be particularly important within the contemporary context of the city-contest. The students are introduced to the design concepts, tools and methods through the analysis and design of specific projects located in Greece or abroad. This analysis helps the students to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the sites, the social and economic context, the opportunities offered and the role of design in creating both adequate facilities as well as a new vision for the area in question. The working projects include university campuses, urban regeneration in brownfield areas, seaside developments, etc.


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