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Obligatory, Semester 1, ECTS: 4



Practiceinobservationandrecordingfromnature. Possibilityofdescribing a memory or an idea using the vocabulary of the sketch. Familiarization with methods of creative procedure.


Theoreticandmainlypracticalteachingofthe generaltermsof freehand drawing. Cognitive fields:

·         The adventures of the retina – reductions

·         Patterns – Graphismoi

·         The narration of the line

·         The exploitation of the accident in the creative procedure

·         Optic communication

Eachlessonisdividedintothetheoreticandthepracticalpart. Thetheoreticlecturesdefinetheresearchsubject of each separate lesson and do not last longer than 45 minutes.


Indicative Exercises:




Six sketches in two tones, of a public space, on paper drawn within a square measuring 7x7cm.

Six sketches in three tones, of a public space, on paper drawn within a square measuring 7x7cm.

Τhesketchescanbemadewithapencil, pen, Indian ink and a brush, with a combination of the above or even with tools of your own making.

The final 12 sketches will be a selection from a big number of sketches that will be made in the logic of the reduction of tones.



Reductions B


Chooseoneofthesketchesintwotoneswhichyoumadeinthepreviousexerciseandcuttheblackformincardboard, thus creating a stencil.

Imprint the stencil on paper in three or more different monochromatic textures (matière)

The texture depends on the colour materials which will be used and on the manner with which the stencil will be imprinted on the paper (e.g. brush, cloth, sponge, fingers etc.)

You are free to choose the colour of the paper on which the stencil will be imprinted.


3rd Exercise 


From a two-tone sketch which has been drawn from nature, make a stamp.

Invent a rhythm and repeat the stamp on a piece of paper measuring 70x100cm, thus creating a pattern.

The stamp had better not be bigger than 10x10cm.

The paper and printing colours are for you to choose.


4th Exercise

4 pictures

Draw 4 landscape pictures from the harbor of Volos.

You can work in the area between the Silo and the port authorities.

Each sketch must have the size of an A5 paper (half A4) horizontal orientation and be made with the whites engraved on black leaf gelatine.



The beneficial accident

TwophotographssizeA4 eachwhich show the accident as a creative procedure.

The strategies to be used for this exercise are the following:

  1. Find ready pictures of “accidents” in public spaces (posters, palimpsests etc. on walls)
  2. Create the accident in the public space and photograph it.
  3. Use photography experimentally, by creating accidents within the photograph itself.


6th Exercise


In a size A4 paper create a story with 6 frames.

The story must have a main title and contain both images and a written part.

The students are free to choose the subject of the story.

The sketches of the story must depict existing sites and people.


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