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Required Elective, Semester 5, ECTS: 4



  • The creation of subjective tools for landscape reading/ comprehension by each student.
  • The expression/ wording of distinctive optics towards the landscape which are put together by each student working group, ina clear and legible way.
  • Finally, the sharpening of observation towards the complex dynamic system which is the landscape, the evolution of critical assessment of the relation between natural and anthropogenic dynamics.


Elective design studio Ic or “Landscape Approaches”, focuses on the dynamics of the subjective landscape readings done by the students of architecture. The landscape approach procedures are dealt with as the beginning of design problematics, becoming the driving force of this course.


The subjectivity of each landscape approachis the basis of the subjectivity of its performances and its chartings. This position is what leads the way to seeing the landscape charting procedure done by groups of students as a synthetic procedure.

Chartingasaprocedure includes the landscape comprehension route as a complex dynamic system, transformed in time due to the “natural” as well as the anthropogenic dynamics within it.


The meaning of the map as a mental shape to be approached by the students,

expandsfromthegeographic, topographic, historic…meaning towards directions that tend to meet with practical experience. For this reason, the transition and tour of each one of the students into the landscape that will be examined must take place more than once, mainly with their participation into group visits to the area, which are organised within the framework of the course. The students are asked to place themselves and their proposal for landscape reading “in situ”: more than observers, asparticipants in the re-comprehension and re-reading of the landscape.