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Erica was born in Athens, Greece in 1967 and grew up in St.Louis, Missouri, U.S.A.  In 1990 she received her Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from Washington University in St.Louis.  She went on to receive her Tamarind Master Printer Degree (TMP) from the Tamarind Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1991.  In 1992 she moved back to Greece permanently and since 1999 has been teaching Drawing at the University of Thessaly in Volos in the Department of Architecture as well as Non-Toxic Printmaking since 2007.  Since moving to Greece she has also collaborated with many artists from Europe and the Balkans printing Lithographic editions at the Hilios Printmaking Workshop in Thessaloniki. She has participated in several printmaking Biennales and has had the opportunity to teach lithography at the University of Belgrade, School of Fine Arts, Serbia.  Her solo exhibitions include painting and printmaking techniques.  While her group shows also include multimedia linoleum prints on canvas.  She is currently studying Byzantine iconography as well as giving seminars and  promoting non-toxic printing in Greece.


1985-1990, B.F.A. School of Fine Arts - Drawing & Printmaking, Washington University, St.Louis, Missouri, USA
1990-1992, 1990-1992, Tamarind Insitute, University of New Mexico, Albequerque, New Mexico, USA
2008 - σήμερα, Byzantine Iconography, "Dia Cheiros", School of Byzantine Iconography, Greek Orthodox Metropolis Saint Dimitrios, Volos, Greece



2011, Art Happening, World wide Children's Book day, Greek Girl scouts, Volos, Greece.

2010, Art happening, "Terpsichoris kitchen", Steki Paidiou - Municipality of Volos, Greece

Other Teaching

2011, Educational Printmaking seminar, "About Stone Lithograpy", 1st Six Month Cycle of Art Seminars, Municipality of Thessaloniki, Greece

2011, Education seminar - printmaking, "Sun Art" printmaking in the sun, 3o Symposium of the Greek Botanical Gardens,  Kroussion Balkan Botanical Gardens, Greece

2011, Education seminar - printmaking, "About aluminum plate lithography", Mesta Printmaking Workshop, Mest, Chios, Greece

2010, Educational Seminar - Printmaking,  "Practical applications for non-toxic printmaking", Printmaking Conference "Printmaking and Cultural Past and Present", Florina Chamber of Commerce, Greece


2012,  1st Printmaking Symposium of the Visual Artists Association of Northern Greece, "Non toxic Printmaking", French Institute of Thessaloniki.

2011,  3rd Symposium of the Greek Network of  Balkan Botanical Gardens, Printmaking workshops on nontoxic printmaking: " Green Prints & Environmental awarness" - " Sun Art - Printing with the sun", Krussos Balkan Botanical Gardens.

2011,  Conference, "Art and Landscape", lecture: " Public sculpture in the United States", Literary and Art Association, University of Thessaly Kordatos lecture hall, Volos, Greece

2011,  European Printmaking Symposium - " Sculpture and Printmaking meet Homer in Mesta", Printmaking semniar - " About lithography", Mesta, Chios

2010,  Symposium " Printmaking & Cultural Past and Present""Practical Application for non toxic printmaking", Florina Chamber of Commerce, Greece

2009,  1st International Printmaking Conference, "Eco-prints: The possibile applications for a printmaking workshop in Greece", Homer Cultural Center, Municipality of Chios, Greece.

2009,  Printmaking conference: "Printmaking in Greece", Lecture : " Practical applications of non toxic printmaking", Society for Macedonian Studies, Thessaloniki - Greece

Academic lectures

2010,  "The culture of Food: The Greek diet", Nebraska University study abroad program, University of Thessaly Library lecture hall, Volos, Greece


2011, Solo exhibition Painting-Printmaking, "Greek Motifs", Achilleon Art Center, Volos, Greece

2011, Group exhibition, printmaking "Printed Architecture" architecture students work from the elective class in printmaking

2011, Group exhibition, painting - printmaking, "arteshop PROJECT", Athens, Greece

2011, Group exhibition, painting - printmaking, "Geneological Differences", Skoufa Gallery, Athens, Greece

2010, Group exhibition, painting - printmaking, "Art in the City", Cultural Department - Municipality of Volos, Greece

2010, Group exhibition, Byzantine iconography, "Dia Cheiros" iconography school,  Nea Ionia Cultural Center, Volos, Greece

2010, Group exhibition, Painting, "Samples of Art 2", Arteshop, Manifactura Gallery, Athens, Greece

2008, Solo exhibition Painting, "Conversing with a Byzantine", Philomuse Gallery, Paris, France

2006, Solo exhibition Painting, "Rememberances of Taste", Zigos Gallery, Athens, Greece

2006, Solo exhibition Painting-Printmaking-Mixed media, " 15 Years Creation - Retrospective", Giorgio DeCirico Art Center, Volos, Greece

2005, Solo exhibition Painting, Prisma Gallery, Livadia, Greece

2002, Solo Exhibition Printmaking, "Aspects of Color", Silk Factory, Nea Ionia - Volos, Greece

2002, Solo exhibition Painting, Kousias Gallery, Athens, Greece

2001, Group exhibition, painting, Cheap Art, Levall Gallery, Novosbirsk - Siberia

2001, Group exhibition, printmaking, " 5th International Printmaking Triennale - Sophia 2001", Bulgaria

2001, Group exhibition, painting, " Volos Artists Through out the Centuries -  IV part 1960 - Present", Giorgio DeCirico Art Center, Volos, Greece

2000, Group exhibition, printmaking, " Printmaking 1997 - 2000", Hlios Printmaking Center, Thessaloniki, Greece

1999, Solos Exhibition Mixed Media, Enotio Gallery, Volos, Greece

1999, Solo Exhibition Drawing - Printmaking, Milies Cultural Center, Milies, Volos, Greece

1999, Group exhibition, mixed media, Afissos Community Hall, Volos - Greece

1999, Group exhibition, mixed media, "The Old School". Byzitsa - Pilion, Greece

1999, Group exhibition, mixed media, Cheap Art Gallery, Athens

1999, Group exhibition, printmaking,"One year after the 5th Printmaking Biennale of Belgrade", Athens Art Center, Athens, Greece

1998, Group exhibition Cheap Art, mixed media, Milos Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece

1998, Group exhibition, mixed media, Burlington books, Xenia Volos, Volos, Greece

1998, Group exhibition, printmaking, 5th Belgrade Printmaking Biennale, Serbia

1998, Group Exhibition, mixed media, Cheap Art, Epikentro Gallery, Athens

1997, Solo Exhibition Printmaking, Baraki sto Rema, Milies, Volos

1997, Group exhibition Cheap Art, mixed media, Cheap Art gallery, Athens, Greece

1996, Group exhibition Cheap Art, mixed media, Cheap Art gallery, Athens, Greece

1995, Solos Exhibition Drawing, Baraki sto Rema, Milies, Volos

1995, Group exhibition Cheap Art, mixed media, Cheap Art Gallery, Athens, Greece

1990, Group exhibition painting, Bixby Gallery, St.Louis, Mo.

1989, Group exhibition painting - printmaking, Bixby Gallery, St.Louis, Mo.

Public lectures

2012,  Book presentation "The Ova of the Abyss" by Kostas Ludovikos, Charta book store, Volos.

2008,  Lecture, "Greek naif artists", PAIDEI book store, Larisa


Avlea Awards 2009, "Melina Merkouri" Theatre, Thessaloniki