Arch.Uth Postgraduate Course Postgraduate Course Postgraduate Course Postgraduate Course Arch.Uth Ελληνικά
Obligatory, Semester 5, ECTS: 4
Cognitive Fields (2005/36/EU): Architectural Design, History and Theories, Fine Arts, Social Factors in Design.
Generic Competences: Ability to search for, process and analyse information from a variety of sources using the necessary technologies, Ability to adapt to and act in new situations and cope under pressure, Ability to make reasoned decisions, Ability to work in a team, Ability to work in an interdisciplinary environment, Capacity to generate new ideas (creativity), Ability to interact constructively with others regardless of background and culture and respecting diversity, Ability to demonstrate social, professional and ethical responsibility and sensitivity to gender issues, Ability to be critical and self-critical , Ability to promote free, creative and inductive thinking.



Analysis, Synthesis, Evaluation

The objective of the course is for the students to comprehend the new digital reality and creative possibilities which open up within the field of design.


The term “multimedia” was first used to define the capability of computers to process various types of data such as pictures, sounds, video, text etc. in a uniform environment. The course focuses on this combined use of digitized data to explain both the methods used to create interactive mechanisms and the forms of space representation, by presenting examples of the creation of hybrid environments. The relationship between real space and the immaterial form of the digital world are examined and the possibilities of their coexistence, as well as the impact of the use of new technologies on the environment design procedure are revealed.


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New Media, Communication, Multimodality, Audiovisual Representations