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Obligatory, Semester 3, ECTS: 4



The course has the same targets as Construction II. At the same time, an effort is made for the students to become conscious of what static means and  proficient at  design representation and presentation on the general scale of 1:50, and for more complex technical projects. Special emphasis is put on the importance that cooperation with the other people involved in the production of this project, (land surveyors, civil engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers etc.) and  on the methodology with which conventional construction is approached ( load-bearing structure  using     reinforced concrete).



The course follows four basic axes:

The theoretic approach in the form of lectures:

  •    Roofs
  •    Window and door frames
  •    Facade and roof coverings
  •    Roof drains – gutters
  •    Installations (water supply – sewage – heating – electrical installation etc.)
  •    Organization of wet areas (kitchens, toilets )
  •    Fixed furniture (cupboards, wardrobes etc.)

Visits to construction sites and industrial materials production spaces e.g. visit to a traditional carpenter, an ironmonger, a factory producing door and window frames etc.

Mapping exercises e.g. mapping of a traditional wooden roof etc.

Design exercise for the semester. It usually concerns a two-storey house with a basement and roof.

It is given in the form of a sketch on a scale of 1:100 ( floor plan / section) and students are asked to deliver representations on the general scale of 1:50 (floor plans – elevations – sections – roof  - staircase – kitchen - toilet)