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Obligatory, Semester 2, ECTS: 4



The purpose and central philosophy of the course of Construction, together with the purely scientific knowledge of materials and construction methods, is to convince the students of architecture that their ideas can be realized. For this to happen, the load bearing structure of a building, the basic selection of materials and construction methods must be decided on at the same time with the process of the idea and the architectural solution and become an integral part of this process.


 The course  follows four basic axes:

-Theoretic approach in the form of lectures :

     *Load-bearing structures


     *Outer shell (exterior walls, outer layer of the building, flat roofs, insulation, exterior window  

       and door frames)

     *Inner shell ( interior walls, interior window and door frames, floors)



-Visits to construction sites:

An effort is made for the visits to coincide with the theme of the lectures, so that the students' queries can be answered.


-Mapping exercises:

e.g. mapping a stairwell or a small traditional house


-Design exercise for the semester:

It is usually about a small ground floor house, which is given in sketches on a scale of 1:100  (floor plan - section) and its full representation on a scale of 1:50 is demanded (floor plans – sections - elevations)