Arch.Uth Postgraduate Course Postgraduate Course Postgraduate Course Postgraduate Course Arch.Uth Ελληνικά
Obligatory, Semester 7, ECTS: 4



The courseexplorestheprocedureandproductionmodes of structured space referring to international and Greek experience. Theobjectiveofthecourseisthe introduction, and familiarization of the students with theoretical, methodological and technical issues concerning urban and town planning. Morespecifically, itaimsatfamiliarizingthemwith:

·  analysisandinterpretationissuesoftheformationofspatialstructures, fromthemorecomplex(e.g. asettlementoratown) to simpler ones (e.g. a road or a building block), as well as the exploration of how these structures participate in the formation of the profile of a locality.

· understanding therelationsoftheformofspatialstructureswiththeirfunction, butalso with more general or specific social, cultural, economic, technical and geophysical parameters.

·  the procedure of the organization and production of structured space, whether it refers to a settlement or a city, or to individual areas and their parts.

Special emphasis is put on the students' understanding of the use of urban parameters, tools and sizes and the impact of their application on a three-dimensional spatial level.


The course develops on two levels:

·   on a theoretical one, which consists of mostly three-hour long lectures and

·   a workshop-studio.

The theoretical part also develops in two units. In the first one, general issues of structured space are examined, while the second thematic unit deals with urban issues, notions, tools and parameters. That is, theoretical, methodological and technical issues of urban planning and programming which connect to the issues of the previous unit.

During the course one or two projects are carried out which follow the thematic units of the lectures. The first one is a short project – introduction to urban issues, parameters and tools, while the second one is an urban synthesis project .