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Obligatory, Semester 4, ECTS: 4
Cognitive Fields (2005/36/EU): Structural Design, Building Technology, Organizations, Regulations, Legislations.
Generic Competences: Ability to search for, process and analyse information from a variety of sources using the necessary technologies, Ability to make reasoned decisions, Ability to work autonomously, Ability to work in a team, Ability to work in an interdisciplinary environment, Ability to design and manage projects, Commitment to conservation of the environment, Ability to be critical and self-critical , Ability to promote free, creative and inductive thinking.



Analysis, Synthesis, Evaluation

The goal of the lesson is the provision of the basic knowledge to understand the design principles for the implementation of a structure by means of Reinforced Concrete technology.


  • Introductory knowledge.
  • Concrete as a material. From Plain to Reinforced Concrete.
  • Basis of Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures
  • Load bearing structure. Loads and supports. Actions – resistances (probabilistic approach – verification by partial factor method). Principles of Limit State design (Serviceability Limit State / Ultimate Limit State). The role of materials.
  • Constituent materials of R.C.
  • Materials technology. Stress - strain relation of concrete and reinforcing steel. Strength requirements.
  • Distinction of elements in a concrete structure – Nomenclature  
  • Linear elements (beams, columns)
  • Flat elements (slabs)
  • Configuration / Presentation of load bearing structure and structural members. Construction drawings.
  • Structural system(structural members, supports). Models. Flexural and shear actions. Internal actions and sections capacity.
  • Pre-design of slabs, beams and columns.
  • Design of linear elements against flexure and shear – Arrangement of reinforcement.
  • Simply supported beams. Continuous beams. Columns.
  • Design of flat elements (slabs) against flexure and shear – Arrangement of reinforcement.
  • Detailing of members set by the Codes. Anchorage of reinforcements. Special requirements against Seismic actions.