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Elective at semester(s) 6, 8, ECTS: 3



Natural building describes the structural approach that is geared to the exclusive use of local eco -friendly or recycled materials.The overall life of a building is what should concern us as a society with its overall energy and economic footprint. We should be focused on constructing the integrated energy production of all individual natural materials, energy consumption over the life of the structure and costs of recycling - reuse or destruction. The restatement of mild natural green building is necessary and sufficient for a more harmonious coexistence between man and his environment. We utilize the forces of nature covering energy and housing needs. On the other hand, the physical structure is a space where professional architects should contribute with their scientific knowledge working towards highly sustainable construction. The new social conditions impose exploration of new building systems and the use of stem sidelined construction techniques.


During the semester we will study a small rural house 80 m2. Each group, consisting of two students, shall utilize various techniquesof natural building, will make its own proposal that concerns both the building and the immediate natural environment. The aim of the project is the embodiment of a proposed construction whichwill be completed in a weekend workshop at the end of the semester.