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Design Studio Required Elective at semester(s) 6, 8, ECTS: 12



Could we possibly bring the core of a dense city in contact with the sea and its sublime waterfront, without disrupting the geographical landscape?  Or in contact with the mountain that out spreads behind? How is it possible to reinvent lost or forgotten connections with the surrounding landscape or the historical evolution? Or how we introduce a novel condition into the ‘living organism’ of a city? And how exactly is the space redefined through the formation of a new rule, of a new structure, of a new inscription, of a new idea?

The goal of this course is the cultivation of creative ways of thinking, and approach of a challenging yet dynamic and lived field of a city. Having conquered ‘tools of thinking’ on this subject, one should be able to approach any matter concerning architecture with a new scope.


The course deals with the densely structured district of Volos which is extended from the coastline to the inland under the Hippodamian system. By defining this "internal" city area as the natural space of intervention, the students are invited to discover and process what is commonly considered as public space and to approach their personal aspirations of intervening in it. The project enables to choose freely the actual point or points of intervention and it requires the formation of students in groups of two.

As the project is being developed we'll be concerned with the correlation of the orthogonal city streets system to the surrounding landscape, as geometries and visual references. The issues of materiality and structure. The approach of the fundamental "public space" of the city, as an existing presence of the void that is formed throughout the buildings and the vacant spaces. The rules, in which a lost connection of the city fabric can be rephrased, and yet again the ones which define something completely original by proposing new ways of inhabitation.