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Elective at semester(s) 6, 8, ECTS: 3



The course focuses on the relationship between architecture and the audiovisual language and explores the spatial qualities resulting from this congruence. Students will become familiar with the representations of space as presented in the field of experimental film, video art, interactive installations and electronic video games, and they will be invited to use them in a constructive way towards inventing a new relation with the field of architecture.

The observation and study of the space representations during 20th century up to now, involves also exploring the social, cultural and technological parameters that fall within the process of architectural design. During the course lectures different products of representations will be reviewed and compared so that these parameters be identified and commented on.

Particular emphasis will be given to the exploration of spatial representations in video games, which reflect and shape the modern social beliefs and attitudes about the perception of spaces that they represent. This makes them valuable research and methodological tools to study and analyse spatial representations in the framework of architectural education.


The course consists of two sections, the theoretical and the practical one, developed in parallel during the semester.

The theoretical section will be delivered through slides, videos, audiovisual presentations, online tours and interactive applications. During the practical section, students shall be given the opportunity to carry out small projects, making use of different software in a constructive way. This section consists of exercises that explore the relationship between architecture and audiovisual language through translation and spatial composition, creative transfers from one field to another, and theoretical comments on their spatial qualities.


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