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Elective at semester(s) 6, 8, ECTS: 3

The content of the lesson VISUAL COMMUNICATION (+CULTURE) VISUAL VISIBLE READABLE is the presentation, the analysis and the thorough research and decoding of the correlation between the picture (as a visual system/context and its matrix of signifiers) and the text (as a carrier/field of possible interpretations). Both and together are active either on a 2dimentional entity (a surface) and its social context or in a 4dimentional virtual space and time entity mixted with the rizome-diversion active field they are include or activate.



In the case of the creation/production of a conventional printed set of elements (pictures, signs, words, texts) or the composition of digital web entities (multi-signified, multi-media elements) the compositional connectability of their essential elements (picture-text/sound/video-finding) is contained into and is containing a system of flexible and knit grid of meaningful relationships. A crucial property verifying the content of the lesson is the recover and constant presentation and exploration of current visual examples originate from printed matter, webpages or the multimedia digital universe. Aiming to activate and exercise the act of the theoretical ‘’see through’’ penetration and apocalypses of the peculiarity of these visual ‘’texts’’.  

This discipline is based on ten particular cognitive units:

  1. The ICON, the PICTURE, the FORM / SHAPE, the SYMPOL / SIGNAL, (2 lectures)
  2. The LETTER, the WRITING, the TEXT, the LANGUAGE, (2 lectures)
  3. The CONSEPTUAL ART, the SEMIOTICS, (2 lectures)
  4. The TYPOGRAPHY at the END of the 20th century, (1 lecture)
  5. The DIGITAL UNIVERSE (1 lecture)
  6. An open panel lecture : (this year) Evolution and Neurophysciology of Perception
  7. An open panel lecture : (this year) Interpretations and narrations of Pictures
  8. A Typology of Narrations (this year) COMIC DESIGN and CULTURE, (1 lecture)
  9. The construction and activation of a narration, (1 lecture)
  10. 10: Compositional Strategies in creating VISUAL ENTITIES.

            (4 separated exercises through out the semester)