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Elective at semester(s) 6, 8, ECTS: 3



The general objective of the course is for students to become familiar with the concept of Openness in Architectural Technology and in particular with Open Design, Open Construction and Open Construction Technologies practices. They are required to understand the relationship between Architecture and Openness.
Specific aims of the course are:
  • The definition, description, classification and correlation of projects related to "Open Design", "Open Construction" and "Open Construction Technologies"
  • The implementation of an integrated development process of an Architectural project in terms of Openness. The objective is to have students go through and adopt all the stages from the initial conception to the final realization of the construction, while defining the conditions of Openness of the project.
  • Encouraging the development of an open construction information knowledge community
  • Knowledge of participatory methods and the way to involve the community and stakeholders in the planning and implementation process of a project. The integration into the design of the commitments resulting from the collective process. Understanding the challenges and benefits of involving stakeholders in the design process.
  • The ability to use interdisciplinary networks of experts, to develop creative thinking and the ability to use different technologies to solve problems. Developing communication and interaction skill


The outline of the course can be defined quite schematically as a continuous, process and includes the following chapters:

  • (A) Approaching the concepts of "Open Design", "Open Construction" and "Open Technologies".
  • (B) Requirenments for developing an Open Architectural Project.
  • (C) Industrial - Handicraft - Manual Production (clay / glass / metal / plastic / wood).

In addition, during the semester, a physical prototype is designed and implemented, which can be either a building, a small-scale construction or an object. The results of the object design are made openly available on github-type platforms