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ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN III-V Α: Re-Constructing the Soil: Designing the Urban Public Space
Design Studio Required Elective at semester(s) 5, 7, ECTS: 12

Re-Constructing the Soil: Designing the Urban Public Space

Landscape as the Symbiotic Infrastructure of the City.

Urban public space is a field where the social body can freely express.

Afield of coexistence of the INSIDE and the OUTSIDE, of human and non-human processes [biotic and abiotic].

The course explores the design of public space as a means forinvigorating urban landscape ecosystems, creating inclusive landscapes of symbiosis between the members of the society and different beings.



Often the outdoor public urban space has been treated as a residual void between buildings, without a substance of its own. As a result of this course students are expected to become aware of the need for coherent planning of the city's outdoor public space.

This course aims to overturn the false impression that architectural education should essentially focus on the design of building structures: in fact urban landscape can be an optimal a field of architectural research and expression.

Within this course, outdoor public urban space is designed taking under account the  scale of the whole city, the potentially interconnected networks of urban public spaces, the historical/archaeological dimension of the city, the influence of daily weather conditions and the climate crisis.




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