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ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN ΙV-VI ΙΓ: School of Applied Arts in the University of Thessaly Campus
Design Studio Required Elective at semester(s) 6, 8, ECTS:



The Design Studio is to introduce students to solve a complex and special program like a School of Design and fine Arts inside a specific context of a University Campus. the aims of the course are:

  1. to design a public building with a program for education challenging themes like organization, circulation, publicness, and common and shared space;
  2. to question life inside an education building facing matters of natural lighting, ventilation and comfort designing inspiring and healthy spaces for education;
  3. to deal with the urban organization of the campus and with the functional and formal relation between the existing buildings as well as the definition of the surrounding open spaces;
  4. to re-elaborate existing elements, fluxes and connections to continue the process of accumulation and stratification of the Campus;
  5. to pose urban question about position, scale, morphology and functions inside the small by lively and dynamic organization of a University Campus;
  6. to improve skills about model making and representation in order to empower students to envision new scenarios and visualize their proposal.


The subject of the exercise is the new faculty of Design and Fine Art of the university of Thessaly inside the campus of the Polytechnic School of Volos. The site of the new buildings is in the area where today is the School of Civil Engineer, adjacent to the School of Architecture. The project envision the demolition of the existing structure as the School of Civil Engineer will be moved somewhere else and the proposal for a new building to how the Faculty of Design and Fine Arts. The site of the project has a critical important in the area of the campus due by its central position between other Schools and the presence of access for Sekeri Street where the new building for the Faculty of electrical Engineer will be soon open.

Due to its central role in the life of the campus, the proposal should have a particular public and social relevance. The program will include workshops, classrooms, offices, and exhibition spaces, and common spaces. A particular relevance will be addressed to the relation between the building and the context, the creation of a pleasant outdoor space, the position of accesses and the new circulation and life that it can generate inside the existing campus.


Students will work in teams of one or two student. During the course there will be two mid-term reviews. The final project will be evaluated by a jury composed by the four professor of the course. Model making and various means of visualization together with plans and sections are required.

Model making is a requirement for this studio as the development of the project will be carried through models of various scales.


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