Arch.Uth Postgraduate Course Postgraduate Course Postgraduate Course Postgraduate Course Arch.Uth Ελληνικά
Obligatory, Semester 4, ECTS: 4



Theobjective of the course is the familiarization of the students with the use of technology and the production of works of art, adding new multiple parameters to architectural research which overcome the restrictions posed by traditional means, and at the same time develop new aesthetic, plastic and communicational abilities. The students are encouraged to invent ways of using digital technology and its potential for non-consumerist or strictly functional purposes. The course is divided into two units, and has both a theoretical and a creative part.


In the theoretical part of the course, we go through the History of Art, putting special emphasis on the modern period and on works of art which make use of digital technology. Starting from photography, the moving image, experimental cinema and animations, the theoretical part ends with a reference to the Art of the Internet and with real time tours of existing web pages. The creative part of the course includes a series of exercises. In these exercises, the students have the chance to create small autonomous works with the use of simple digital technology, and also to invent heretic ways of using software. The initial exercises aim at familiarizing the students with the audiovisual media (digital and analog video) which are used to create linear narrations.

Exercise No1


Use of Photography, Personal computer.

Software Photoshop, Power Point

Α. Eachstudentmakes up athree-wordphrasewhich in their opinion characterizes their personality.

Β. Theymatch each word in their phrase with a photograph from their personal eikonologio. They find the image that first pops into their minds when they hear that word. (The photographs must have been taken by the students themselves)

C. In a Power Point presentation, they create three cards, each one of which shows the word and the relevant photograph.


ExerciseΝο2 Smallcircularstorywithpictures(Τhe end is the beginning and the beginning is the end)

Creation of a small story with pictures, speech and sound using a computer.

The students invent a small circular story, a story whose end is its beginning. This story can be presented in four to ten PowerPoint slides. In the case that the students decide to make an animation, there can be more than ten images and any software can be used.

For the narration of the story, the students can use: Photographs, images drawn on Photoshop, Illustrator, AutoCAD or 3D Studio Max, scanned sketches, animation of photographs or cartoons, written text, sounds (natural sounds, voice, music).


Exercise Νο3

0-1’ for personal space

Creation of a video from 0 – 1’

This exercise will be carried out in groups of five.

The students must hand it in on the date of the exams.

The editing can be either analog or digital.

Photographs, sketches, models and texts can also be used.

The final output must be in CDs.

It is obligatory for the students to design the covers.


Art, Technology, New media