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This course theoretically analyses the viewing of a landscape as an experience that subjects have under certain circumstances. This experience is defined culturally (physical perception, symbolic-social aspect of place, status of subject) as well as in relation to the activity that connects the subject to the landscape.
During the course, a reading group is formed. At the same time, each student selects a topic on which his research concerning a certain area in South Pelion will be based. In this way, we approach the landscape both through a compilation of knowledge bibliographical and other (interviews, photographic depictions) and through travel and the eyes of the traveller.
This course is structured along a series of lectures which analyse the issue of landscape and its connection to the subject of experience. We read travelogues from different eras and in between students present what they have recorded from real places. By the end of the course, the students will be asked to deliver a short essay. Our aim is to compile an alternative travel guide for South Pelion with the help of all the students.

Lucy Orta, an artist, will participate in the course by organising a short workshop.

Schedule of lectures

Presentation of the course.
Lecture: Phoebe Giannisi: Landscape habitation conditions: The body and the weather.

Selection of topics by the students.
Lecture: Zisis Kotionis: “Emotional Topography”. Greek modernism and the Greek landscape.

Lecture: Phoebe Giannisi: The subject of habitation: War, Archaeology, Poetry (Pritchett, Archilohos, Seferis)

Lecture: Kostas Manolidis: Landscape and the geometrization of nature.

Lecture: Aspasia Kouzoupi: Paleogeography and Paleoecosystems: Recorded Transformations of old Landscapes.

Lecture: Ron Walkey: Mount Pelion and the administration of water in architecture and cultivations.

Presentations of recordings of the routes.

Lecture: Phoebe Giannisi: Travellers and Texts I: Herodotus, Pausanias, Homer

Lecture: Theoklis Kanarelis:

 Lecture: Phoebe Giannisi: Travellers and Texts II: Neoteric Geography of Greece, Travellers of Centuries Past, Lonely Planet

 Lecture: Kostas Manolidis: Transformations of Greek Countryside: Physiology and Morphology

Lecture: Phoebe Giannisi: Travellers and Texts III: “Memoirs d’Hadrien” by Yourcenar and “Narrow road to the Interior” by Basho.

Presentations of students’ projects.

Presentations of students’ projects.


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