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Obligatory, Semester 8, ECTS: 4



The course aims to create a first contact with issues regarding architecture that come from the field of cultural studies, as also to establish a practice in interpretative tools of cultural phenomena.


The course is organized in lectures.

Since 2014 the course is co-taught by the professor Ioanna Laliotou and it is common for students of the Architecture Department and those of the Department of History, Archaeology and Cultural Anthropology.

The lectures are divided in:

1. A first general part (Ioanna Laliotou) on culture and the development of cultural theory in general, starting from the 19th century and focusing on the 20th century with the most important issues such as Marxist theory, structuralism etc.

2. A second more specific part (Phoebe Giannisi) that focuses on space. It presents the work of thinkers who have dealt with urban space and its phenomena, corporeality, gender identity, subjectivities, memory and mnemotechnics, narrative, materiality and its relationship with the cultural superstructure.

At the end of each lectures a selected film is projected that serves as an example in order to open an interpretative and critical dialogue with the students based on the theoretical tools presented before.


Walter Benjamin, Charles Baudelaire: A Lyric Poet in the Era of High Capitalism, 1973.

Pierre Bourdieu, Outline of a Theory of Practice, Cambridge University Press, 1977.

Michel de Certeau, The practice of everyday life, 1984 (1980).

Frances Yates, The Art of Memory, 1966.