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Elective at semester(s) 5, 7, 9, ECTS: 3



Some of the most significant building projects in human history owe a large part of their reputation on the novel way of dealing with challenging structural issues defining the unique quality of the outcome. While in contemporary academic discourse and experimental practice structural and material behavior is yet again acknowledged as powerful performance-based design parameter, this course attempts to investigate the extent to which architectural design may be informed by issues defined by structural design studies.


The course objective is to explore the structural concept of a ‘lightweight’ structure that will host a performance event. The study is held by means of diagrams and physical models, in order to study matters of structure in a literal way, as well as in a conceptual level. The study is systematically recorded in the form of a digital diary’ (blog) in order to demonstrate alternatives and justify final choices. 


A series of proposed assignments focus on the study of structural matters. Regular submissions are held every 1-3 weeks to facilitate the decision making process and alleviate the workload at the end of the semester. Class meetings alternate between lectures on theoretical issues and presentation on the progress of personal assignments. In a practical component, students are asked to participate on hands-on workshops to preview the expected output of their work in sketch models.


structure, structural design, physical model, diagram