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Obligatory, Semester 2, ECTS: 4



This course introduces students to the analysis and design of structural elements. The relationship between form and structure is examined in order to provide a more complete understanding of the design and construction process and the related technologies (structural, constructional).

The course is aiming to help students to learn the basic tools needed to understand structures as a whole, as well as the elements that make up a structure.


General types of structures are considered first (classifications, primary structural units), loads (static and dynamic) and fundamental structural phenomena (stresses and deflections) providing an understanding of how structures stretch, bend and deform in order to carry loads to the ground. Subsequent sessions cover the fundamental principles of Statics, including basic concepts such as force and moments, resolution and composition of forces, rigid body equilibrium. The course continues with the analysis and design of primary structural elements, such as cables and arches.


The course is organized in modules with a theory and an application component. Theoretical concepts and analytical case-studies on built projects are presented in a series of lectures, while applications, exercises and hands-on workshops take place complimenting the issues discussed in the theoretical part. The fundamental term of STRUCTURE and the great variety of structural forms are discussed through numerous examples of different scale and function (objects, furniture pieces, sculptures, buildings, bridges). Furthermore, students are expected to complete a team projects exploring structural issues of an existing building structure.


structure, structural design, building structures, force, equilibrium, arch, cable