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Design Studio Required Elective at semester(s) 7, 9, ECTS: 12



The course is based on the position that in order to organise a program-scenario regarding the planning of a museum, we have to understand the constantly changing relationship between society and its conception about civilization. In other words, the museum is studied as a living entity following all cultural, philosophical and political changes that a society experiences. 

Thus, each cultural framework places limits on our way of thinking as well as our judgment, creates “normalities”, mental and moral “fortifications”. Understanding this kind of relationship could lead to the creation of an architectural experience beyond any well-established architectural and social norms which most of the time are being accepted as certain and self-evident. 


This course aims to redefine the limits of the architectural creation as far as the planning of a museum in the city of Volos is concerned, “recreate foundations” and to focus on new directions which we find it difficult to see and understand probably because of the so far well-established rules set both by the society itself and the science of architecture.