Arch.Uth Postgraduate Course Postgraduate Course Postgraduate Course Postgraduate Course Arch.Uth Ελληνικά
Elective at semester(s) 6, 8, ECTS: 3



The main goal of this course is to examine critical issues of the Greek cities today and highlight interrelations and differentiations in spatial policies, social practices and theoretical approaches for the cities in the global level. 


The course intends to explore -through a critical approach- the processes of urbanization and development of the Greek cities, with particular emphasis on the current context of the debt crisis. Through the analysis of relationships and interactions of spatial planning and urban policies with market forces and social practices, the course focuses on the processes and mechanisms of the production of urban space in Greece.In this context, the course intends to unpack continuities and ruptures in the planning practices, the social dynamics and the dominant discourse about the Greek city. Emphasis is given on the priorities, the strategies, the synergies and the conflicts of the social actors that are involved in these processes, as well as on the multiple social impacts. Aspects of the spatial transformations that occur in the cities (large-scale projects, gentrification, gated cities, urban regeneration projects, changes in the land-ownership system, etc) and perspectives of the social phenomena that have emerged recently in the cities (poverty, exclusion, migration, racism, etc) are discussed and linked with specific cases of Greek and other cities and with theoretical concepts.

The course includes two teaching parts:

  • A series of theoretical lectures
  • Studio / workshop that includes on the one side educational activities in the classroom and on the other side discussion on the topic of the paper that students are asked to submit.


The evaluation of students is based on the results of a written paper on a topic that is selected by the students. Students are asked to analyze a social phenomenon or/and an urban policy applied in a Greek city of their choice, based on the topics of the lectures that will be given during the semester.

The participation of the students in the lectures and the activities that take place in the classroom is also considered for their evaluation. 


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