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The project proposes the creation of a small concrete dam at St. Nicolas, Promiri, which comes along with the creation of a small lake. The plant is properly formed so that it can meet residential and working spaces. The proposal is about an experimental facility that stands as a seminal soil for active scientists and artists, suggesting an alternative way for corporative experience and creation. The main concept of the project is based on the condensing of all kind of spaces on and in the wall of dam. The idea of the construction leans on the foldings which the wall itself is formed. The oblong spaces that are created, are formed in order to take over the working and habitation areas. Furthermore, as this physical location is chosen for the project, and stimulated by the history of that land and the traces of its former habitation that reveals it, the accommodation at the dam is combined by the cultivation of the land and the immediate consumption of the fruits. This combination of spiritual practice and the bodily involvement in the production of food is one of the main parts of the proposal.

Supervisors: Kotionis Zissis, Gavrilou Evelyn

Reference Number: 44