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Supervisor: Triantafillidis Giorgos

Reference Number: 13


Because of the lack of its own building, the recently created Department of Computer and Communication Engineering of the University of Thessaly in Volos, is being accommodated temporarily at a block of flats at the center of the city. This building isn’t properly formed to host the laboratory needs of the Department. In addition, its students are forced to act separately from the rest of the student community, because their building isn’t in the vicinity of the others. As the campus of the Engineering School is being redesigned, the new Department is decided to be constructed at the triangular domain opposite the existing building of the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. The diploma thesis which is being analyzed is dealing with its design in order to achieve its best embodiment to the surrounding area .

Supervisor: Triantafillidis Giorgos

Reference Number: 28


The dissertation project presents a model motorway service area. It is a prefabricated station, which can be placed in any site and stands on a standard width platform, whereas the length changes according to the motorway traffic.
This service area intents to cover all the conventional needs of the motorists as well as their entertainment. More specifically it is a motorway area for motorists and travelers in appropriate routs, giving the opportunity of a temporary stop or even residence.
It provides a number of facilities (gas station, mini market, restaurant, motel), which are placed in a lengthwise zone, parallel to the motorway. A red concrete wall runs along the service area, linking the facilities and pointing out the linearity of the building.
The intention of the project is that this service area challenges the motorist, pointing out its presence and emphasizing the landscape. Red, tall, vertical walls are placed in the front of the motorway to enrich the ridge, while at the same time they constitute signs, which mark each facility. The building becomes a sign and the sign becomes a building.

Supervisor: Papadopoulos Spiros

Reference Number: 49


The aim of this dissertation is the design of a Contemporary Art Museum in the city of Volos that comes in total accordance with the urban landscape of the area. The choice of the site was based on the presence of characteristic architectural examples of the Contemporary Greek Architecture in the city of Volos creating thus continuity. The site is situated in the block surrounded by Tsopotou, Stratigou Sarafi, Filippou Ioannou and N. Plastira streets while the main purpose was to connect the edifice harmonically as a whole to the already subordinate pile landscape in order to promote the usage of the edifice. Creating a public space of a form of a “square-yard” alongside the site we attempt to create the sensation of a community that forms itself around a courtyard.

Supervisor: Papoulias Christos

Reference Number: 48


This project aims to provide a proposition on the construction of α high school of musical studies, situated at the North Districts of the city of Volos, according to the demands and precepts set by the entitled authorities, concerning the scale and the functionality of the building.
The overall shape of the construction consists of a sequence of inclined planes, both in the ground yard and the shelter of the building, forming a model of a band bearing references to the greek meander, whose circumvolution evolves in attempt to surpass the limits of its field.
The basic elements of its structure is the shelter of the building and the metal frame that erects in front of its inner faces, which in addition to the planes of the yard, form an undulate figure of successive surfaces, emerging towards a vertical and an horizontal level.

Supervisor: Triantafillidis Giorgos

Reference Number: 27


I follow and I record the process of logging and treatment of the timber.
I collect information about the birth and the growth of forestall trees.
I lay out dynamic relations between the significances “trunk-body” and “tree-body”. I record the circle of life of the tree, borrowing verbal action of the human body.
Placing the human body in this circle, in order to follow it, I record the actions that codes each moment of this circle.
Using as material, the timber, I construct verbal metaphors, creating symbols that recount the moments, the phases of circle of the life of the wooden trunk. This procedure, products a model that represent the successive stages of this circle.
Using this model as starting line, I produce a version of free habitation in the forest. A construction that can be a shelter or a provisional lodging. This construction is faced as an installation and takes advance, for its construction, the timber in units of anthropometric dimensions, restoring the relation of “trunk- body”.

Supervisor: Kotionis Zissis

Reference Number: 42


The Project concerns a seascape and negotiates in this two “limits”. One which is created by the surface of water - horizontal limit - and one which is created by the surface of an abrupt rock - vertical limit. These borders are extended and expanded in an artificial way so as to create an interval, an internal space that would be open to public and in a larger sense habitable. The problematic in this project is based in the theory of Topology in Mathematics.

Supervisors: Oreopoulos Philippos, Gavrilou Evelyn

Reference Number: 36


The intention of the municipality of Larissa for a new building at the center of the town in witch it will be concentrated the most public activities while the building should be function as a means of rejuvenating the municipal administration are the main issues witch this projects deals with.
The site is placed at the center of the town next to one of it’s most important squares in witch there is concentrated a large part of the economical and social activity of the town .The relationship between the proposed building and the public space in front of it is one of the major issues that the project deals with while the nature of the building as a representation of the town’s main institution is under question.
Given the fact that today’s media appoint in a very large scale the function of modern democratically organized societies even at the scale of a town, substituting the presence of the citizens in public spaces, the main idea behind this project is at the opposite direction, proposing a building that will stimulates the citizens the take part in the activities of the municipality.
According to these intentions the first major attempt is made at the level of functions introducing an enriched program proposed by town’s authorities .By stretching the proposed functions in a more commercial way the main intention of the project is to render the new building as a spot of political social and economical activity in the center of the town
The designing of a shell that it will cover the proposed functions constitutes the second part of the project .The main feature of the proposed shell is in first level an optical variability witch in a second face expands in other attributes witch finally determine it’s final form .
Combining the above intentions the project proposes a system of flows between the different functions, witch at the end results in a system of ramps, stairs and cores of veridical communication. The main aim of this decision is a net that it will connect the different functions of the building, increasing the mobility between the different parts of it, and at the same time allowing the existence of hybrid situations witch target to the disappearance of the limits between politics and everyday life.

Supervisors: Kotionis Zissis, Gavrilou Evelyn

Reference Number: 50