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Lecture by Christy Constantakopoulou: Insularity between connectivity and isolation

Online Lecture

Christy Constantakopoulou
Insularity between connectivity and isolation: A historical perspective of the Aegean Sea during Classical and Hellenistic times (5th-2nd century BC)

Tuesday March 17th 2022 14:00 (GMT+2)

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Lecture within the framework of the course Materia and poetics: Diaspora

Tutors: Phoebe Giannisi and Iris Lykourioti



Christy Constantakopoulou is Professor of Classics and Ancient History at the Department of History, Classics and Archaeology at Birkbeck University of London and Associate Researcher at the Section of Greek and Roman Antiquity, Institute of Historical Research, National Hellenic Research Foundation. She is the writer of numerous scientific articles and books amongst which are, The Dance of the Islands: Insularity, Networks, the Athenian Empire and the Aegean World (2007, Oxford University Press), Aegean Interactions. Delos and its Networks in the third century (2017, Oxford University Press). She is co-editor of the forthcoming multivolume work The Oxford History of the Classical World (Oxford University Press).